I hate griping about a service or program I’ve used for a long time that’s free, or supposedly free, but I have to do it. This time my gripe is about Webshots, or at least what used to be called Webshots, since it seems to have undergone a transition, and a horrid one at that if you ask me.


Back in 2010 I wrote about Webshots and how I thought it was a great and perfect program for running images on your computer. You could also download pictures from their site, set yourself up for a daily picture that would show, and for the most part the service was free. You could pay for premium services, which gave you unlimited downloads and access to the highest quality image they had.

Now with the change over, I’ve found nothing but distress. Lucky for me, kind of, is that I discovered this on my wife’s computer rather than mine, which means mine is still running but hers… not at all.

Here’s the issue. It seems that when they changed over and started calling themselves Smile by Webshots they must have cleaned out their databases of people who didn’t show up all that often to download images. I’ve been a member since the late 90’s but because I add my own images most of the time, I don’t have to go to the site all that often. The last time I’d even had to use my username and password was last October when I bought my laptop and added the program, since you had to use those to load the program.

I had to get into my wife’s computer for something she asked me for & I saw an update ready to load for the Webshots program. I went ahead and tried to load it and it said my username and password were invalid. I had a chance to request an update for my password if it was wrong by sending them an email, and the sucker’s said my email address was invalid as well; what the hey? Membership for more than 10 years and they didn’t have it?

So I went into the site & tried to set up a new account. When I put in my username it said it was already in use; that was proof that they had me in the system because it’s kind of a unique name. So I went another direction and changed things up a little bit. I got an email saying my password had changed and I could get in. This allowed me to load the program. However, when I went to run it no images will show; seems it either can’t interpret the current files on her computer or it’s moved where it saves everything from where the original Webshots saved everything. Either way, only a total black screen.

I tried going back into the site to see if anyone else had the same issue… the site says my password is invalid. Ugh! That’s it, downright frustrated. I tried deleting the new program and going back to the old program; nothing doing.

Frankly, at this point I’m sick of the whole thing, and I’m glad I haven’t seen an update request on my own computer. For my wife though… I’ll have to find another program, which my mind remembers from a year ago but I haven’t been able to bring it to the front of my brain, that will cycle her images on her computer as wallpaper.

Why does everything that supposedly updates for the better seem to be worse?

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