First a disclaimer. I have tried to basically stay above the political fray this year, especially once Barack Obama became the Democratic presidential candidate. I did it for a couple of reasons.

One, I don’t really believe there is such a thing as “non-committed” voters. This means that I believe every person has a specific point of view on a lot of topics, and I believe they’ve actually already settled on which way they’re going to go, for the most part. The only reason a person might consider themselves non-committed is because they’re not so sure the person who’s supposed to be representing their values is the person they want to vote for. So, at that point, it becomes more of a popularity contest, not anything that’s going to change anyone’s minds, and I’d rather not deal with it all in public. I have my opinion and my position, and that suffices for me.

Two, because, well, I’ll just say it; Barack Obama is black, and so am I. This automatically means that if I say anything to support him, I’m going to be discounted because he’s black, and if I say anything that doesn’t support him, I’m a sellout. It’s pretty much that simple.

No matter what anyone says about this year’s election, it is really all about race. Race is the only reason Obama isn’t ahead by 15 points or more heading into the home stretch. He has won every debate by a large margin. His education is superior, his intellect is superior, and the only thing McCain has over him is over 30 years in the Senate; longevity has its place.

If the backgrounds were reversed, McCain would have clinched this race back in September, or Obama would have never gotten the nomination to begin with. Those are my feelings; don’t argue on it, because, as I said, I’m not out to change anyone’s minds on politics, and no one is going to change my mind as far as American history goes.

It is in this vein, though, that I have to post this particular video (the video’s been deleted; I wonder why…). This is what it all comes down to in this election; this is why the election is so close. And it’s for reasons like this that I, as a black man, know that America, whether it elects Barack Obama or not next week, has a really, really long way to go. This is sad; and yes, that man said “nigra”:

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