Most of us bloggers are looking for new ways to get our blogs out to the masses, find out more information about our blogs, or find more information in general. It’s not such a bad thing to look for high ranking sites of some type and try to find a way to get associated with them, or to learn from them, sites that might be like Technorati or sites that may be like Facebook. There are many of them, but most of us don’t know about them. I’m going to highlight a few here. used to be known as Rojo, but this is a much smarter name and redirect. Before the redirect, it used to be a PR 8, for people who care, but even now it’s ranked near 1,000 by Alexa. This is a site where you can list your blog, promote your blog, read other blogs, whatever; kind of like Technorati.

Blogpulse is a metrics site where you can track the activity of your blog based on other blogs. In their own words, they’re “an automated trend discovery system for blogs.” They offer many trend search options where, if you’re looking to start a new blog, or you want to track trends for niche blogs, this is for you. What I did was put in the URL to this blog, and it showed me 36 blogs where my blog and link were mentioned, most of which I knew, but there were some surprises, which actually helped answer some questions I’d been having about some of my traffic.

Popurls is an aggregator of information, plain and simple. It will list the top blogs on all the big time blogging sites like Digg and Delicious. It will list the top news. It will list the tops videos on YouTube. It lists so many things that I’m just going to suggest you take a look at it to see if this might be your type of site.

And there you go; short, sweet, and I hope something you’ve never seen before. Enjoy!

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