Back in January, when I had my first contest, Sire, my Australian friend who’s also the writer of Wassup Blog and was once a guest writer here, posted my little contest on his blog.

Turnabout is fair play, so they say. Therefore, it is with pleasure that I announce his Ultimate Blogging Contest (yeah, over the top, but hey, it’s winter down there). Of course, like most contests, he’s got some rules, and they’re not all that hard to follow. He’s even giving out prizes; why else would you have a contest, right?

Of course, I’m going to win, so the rest of you will be fighting for second place. I just thought I’d throw that out there as a challenge; who’ll step up to the plate to take me on?

Hmmm, another short Saturday post; let’s add a video to keep things interesting/ I hear someone in the background already saying “Oh no, not more Muppets;” yup, more Muppets, two in fact:

X-Files Season 9 DVD Set

X-Files Season 9 DVD Set

Price – $44.95

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