I’m Mitch!

I offer a plethora of services via this blog. Unlike others, I post my rates up front so there’s no discussion. Those services and rates are:

Writing/content creation services:

If a topic can be researched, I will write an article for you for $200 per 800 – 1,500 words (it could be longer depending on topic). If you want less than 800 words, the minimum rate is $100. If requested I will also find images. Covered in the rate is if you need me to respond to comments under your name if it’s a blog article.

You pick the topic and the amount of words you’re hoping for and I’ll deliver it to you. There are certain subjects that I can’t write on because they’re not researchable. Topics such as pop culture, new music, TV shows, movies and video games are out of my realm.

Editing services:

I will edit your online content at a rate of $45 up to 1,000 words and $20 for every 500 words after that. If you’d like me to edit your book or pamphlet, I’ll do that at a rate of $1 per page with a $15 minimum.

Blogging/Social Media Consulting:

There’s a lot of content on this site that probably answers all of your questions. If you’d like more of a personal touch, I offer a free 15 minute session; after that it’s $150 per hour.


Payment will be accepted via Paypal. I can send you a link from there or send you my Paypal email address and you can pay me that way. All services will have a written contract detailing the work I’m doing for you, and will require 50% of the payment up front. You’ll also get an invoice for your expenses if you write them off.


Payment will only be refunded as it pertains to individual articles. Once the article is written, I’ll share half of it. If you like it, you’ll pay the balance and I’ll send you the rest of the article. If you decide it doesn’t fit your needs, I’ll refund payment and use the article myself.

Special services can be discussed and negotiated. I can be reached to talk about providing and and all services at

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