I should have written this post yesterday, but it was a pretty involved day so it’s Monday instead.

So, how is the contest going? I’m not really sure. During the week Google sent email out saying that Feedburner, which they own, was being moved to their servers in installments, and though they would determine when they would be moving it, you could go ahead and move it yourself to get it out of the way. I decided to go ahead and get it out of the way, and it was a fairly seamless process that took maybe an hour.

The up side is that it’s done; the downside is that they said it would take up to a week for all the numbers to catch back up. Looking at the Twitter stream throughout the week, it seems a lot of people were caught off guard and saw drastic drops in their numbers; guess they should have been reading their email.

Anyway, as of today, the subscriber count is showing at 63 subscribers. Seems kind of low for as many people who’ve stopped by and said they had subscribed to my feed, but it is what it is for the moment. I can’t tell if it’s accurate or not, since I did the change last Wednesday, but I know that I immediately lost half of what my original subscriber number was at the time, and it’s at least recovered from there.

The original post for the RSS contest is still going to remain as a sticky post for the next week, and I’m going to continue pumping the advertisements for the contest, although, at this juncture, it’s looking like it’s going to fail miserably. Yet, it’s a good lesson to learn anyway, having the contest. I’ve tried to to this one through totally organic means. I sent out no emails, so no campaign in that regard. I’ve tried to spread the word, other than writing about it here, through commenting on other blogs and, if they have CommentLuv, picking that post as the main one for people to come to. I also thank Sire and Mirjam for writing about it on their blogs. Maybe the ground roots appeal doesn’t work, or maybe it only works when one has a sizeable number of folks pimping it to begin with; I’m really not sure.

Anyway, we press forward; two more weeks to go.

Dust Off&reg Screen Shammy, 12 1/2 x 11 1/2 (FALMCSS)

Dust Off Screen Shammy, 12 1/2 x 11 1/2

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