I think we all saw this one coming. Scrabulous, the highly popular yet copyright infringing game on Facebook, has been abruptly pulled without notice, freaking out over 500,000 people who had made it a daily, sometimes every single minute, fun waste of time. Yeah, I played, and enjoyed myself also, and I’m sad to see it go.

I thought the creators of the game, Rajat Agarwalla and Jayant Agarwalla from India, were greedy when, earlier this year, Hasbro, the owners of Scrabble, made them an offer that, in my mind, was generous, especially since it was a stolen idea. Instead, the countered, wanting more than $11 million; that wasn’t happening. So, Hasbro developed their own game for Facebook, then lowered the boom and demanded that Facebook pull Scrabulous, and they did.

So, now I’ll probably move over to the legitimate version of the game on the site, though I’m not sure if I’ll immediately head over there or wait a couple of days before switching. I have to think about it. I can waste a lot of time playing there, but these days, I’m sitting in a hotel room during the week with a terrible internet connection, and because of that it keeps making me sign in, even during my interactions on the site, and that’s irritating as sin. But we’ll see.

Goodbye, Scrabulous; it’s been a wonderful ride.