Russian Spam Heavy Again

Last August, I started noticing that I was getting a lot of Russian spam all of a sudden. I have no idea why, but at that time I had someone register to post on this blog with a Russian email address, which I immediately killed. After about a week, it stopped, and things were quiet for a long time.

In the last two weeks, it’s popping up again, a lot of it, on all 3 of my blogs. It seems like the oddest thing, but there you go. I still can’t figure out what these people think they’re getting out of spam. When I wrote my post on hating spam, I listed a statistic showing how there might be a possibility of some of these guys making upwards of $9,000 a day by sending all that spam out, then followed up less than a week later with another post on an article that showed that some of these spammers were probably getting less than 30 clicks a day, making almost no money at all, even with the volume of email going out.

Of course, we all know that, in general, many of these spammers are only looking for the links on blogs where the bloggers don’t care about their blogs anymore. That’s why I wish someone would pay me to go around the internet and kill all dead blogs, so these spammers won’t get what they’re hoping for.

Oh well; I’ll keep dealing with it, and hoping that it ends pretty soon. Glad I have that Akismet protection.

4 thoughts on “Russian Spam Heavy Again”

  1. Hi Mitch, I wonder how many of those Russian spammers are here in the U.S. with servers in Russia. According to Spamhaus the United States is the worst country for sending spam, as far as email spam anyway. Russia is number three. I agree with the dead blogs…

    I hereby nominate Mitch as the official Dead Blog Killer

    1. Alright Brian! Now, who’s gonna pay me? lol

      I never thought about the email originating from here, mainly because the posts are written in Russian with Russian email extensions and website extensions. That’s a pretty wild concept.

  2. I get a great deal of them too. I also get quite a few from Britain and the USA. I need to delete at least fifty to sixty spams caught by Akismet every day. I do not have any dead blogs but many of the spam comments go back as far as my limit allows them to.
    .-= Rummuser´s last blog ..Man Descended From Monkey. =-.

    1. Rummuser, this stuff seems to go in cycles. Right now, it’s the Russian cycle, and heavy also. It’s kind of interesting also, because in the last day, the names have all changed so that they have numbers at the end of the name. These guys are creative, if nothing else.

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