I’ve talked about having 5 blogs long enough that it feels like it’s the only thing I’m known for. Truth be told, in the last couple of years it’s been much harder keeping up with all those blogs and 2 blogs I write for others.

repurposing blog posts

One of the problems is time. I have a lot more things going on personally and not enough professionally that my time is divided and I need to be more efficient.

Another is the loss of revenue because of Google. On one of those blogs I used to average $500 a month via Adsense & Infolinks. On the other, I was averaging around $350 a month through advertising and paid guest posts… many of which I wrote. I wasn’t making that money at the same time, but it was fairly significant as a side hustle.

Now… I’m making around $7 a month total! It drastically decreased before I stopped writing on those sites as often. I didn’t have the encouragement to keep writing for a site that wasn’t bringing me either revenue or a sense of fun, like this blog does. Thus, it’s been a long while since I’ve added much content to either of them.

This means it’s time to shut them down… kind of. The domain names don’t expire until June and August of 2020, and since you can’t get any money back it makes no sense to get rid of them. Unlike what Lisa Sicard did years ago when she shut down a website, I can’t cancel my hosting package and get any money back because all my sites are on the same one.

What am I going to do instead? Glad you asked!

I’m going to basically cannibalize some of the blog posts on both of those sites and repurpose the content elsewhere. I’ve already started the process with one of the blogs, and eventually I’ll get to the other one. I’m going to leave all the other content where it is, and when I’m ready I’ll write a farewell article letting anyone who visits (which won’t be many people) know that its best days are behind it and no new content will be appearing there any longer.

One friend asked why I don’t just shut down the sites and leave the link behind. I have a couple of reasons.

One, some of the content I’m leaving isn’t bad, but it’s relatively short. They’re not articles that work well in trying to rewrite them to make them longer, yet the content is still valid.

Two, Some of the blog posts I’m removing are linked to some of the content on the other site. Some of that content is industry specific (health care finance) and someone might want to read it; I’m giving them a year and a half to do so.

What am I going to do with the content I’m removing from those sites? I’m going to repurpose them on other sites. For instance, there’s one article that will appear on this blog at some time in the future. There are a few articles that are going on my business site. Some articles will go on what used to be my local site, which I’m turning into my “everything else I want to write about” site. Some of the articles will go on my accountant’s site, for whom I write two articles a month. Right now at least one article is going on my consultant’s groups blog. That should take care of everyone.

Here’s the deal though. When you’re going to do such an endeavor, you need to do two specific things.

One, you need to rewrite some of the content; I shoot for at least 35% but most of the time it’s more than 50%. I like making the articles longer, and I do more SEO with those articles, since I’m not starting them from scratch. I work on making them stronger and more evergreen than they already were; I’m not throwing up content that’s not going to do me any good.

Two, you need to give the articles some time to remove themselves from the search engines. A period of one or two weeks is sufficient to make the article new, and of course if you’re rewriting some of it the articles definitely going to read as new. I’ve found myself almost always changing the first line of one of these articles. I think it gives them a new feeling… though I may be fooling myself. lol

By the way, it isn’t the first time I’ve done this. Back in 2014 I killed another blog but took the best posts from there and put them here. It gave me extra content from July through November and took a major load off because I was traveling for work a lot at that time. What it also allowed me to do was have two articles a week here and there; the more content you have, the more traffic you get. I didn’t announce it at the time because… frankly… I never thought about it! 🙂

At this point I’ve already waited a week for those posts to disappear, so hopefully starting next week I’ll start posting them on all those other sites. Since there’s only one that fits this site, I won’t need it for a while… and I’m not telling you which one it is when it goes live. We can’t go giving away all our secrets now can we?

BTW, I wrote this post because it’s a question I’ve been asked quite often over the last few years, so I thought it was time to address it since I’m going through the process. Please share your thoughts, and if this is either something you’ve done or something you’re thinking about doing.

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