Removed Whydowork Adsense Plugin

Sometimes the attempt to do something that will help automate processes doesn’t quite work. In this case, I’ve realized that I had to remove the Whydowork Adsense plugin from all of my blogs.

What is that? It’s a plugin that allows you to have Adsense automatically put into your blog posts at certain times and in certain places of your choosing. I actually thought it was pretty neat, as it gave me the opportunity to monetize older posts by putting Adsense into them without my having to go back and put it in myself. I also had it set to populate the 3rd and 5th posts on the main page of each of my blogs, since you’re allowed 3 instances of Adsense per page.

The problem I noticed is that, for whatever reason, it sometimes locked up the blog or a post, making people believe my site might be down. I kept wondering why it would give me problems every once in awhile when I tried getting into the site also. Well, if you’re paying attention, and I was, usually you’ll see what link a page might be trying to load. In my case, I noticed it was Google syndication. And I also knew it wasn’t the Google sidebar ad because it was already showing. So, I knew it had to be the ads within the posts themselves. And, since it was happening on all 3 blogs, I knew it had to be that plugin.

Therefore, I’ve removed it, and so far I haven’t noticed any of the blogs hanging up anymore. But this does prove that those of us on WordPress have to always be vigilant in checking our plugins, because we never know what might suddenly start messing stuff up. I actually learned that again last week after I upgraded my blogs to WordPress 2.8.1.

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23 comments on “Removed Whydowork Adsense Plugin

  • I’m glad you shared this insight, Mitch.

    This program is also part of my blogs, and though I haven’t experienced any problems, you’ve alerted me to a situation that may be happening but I don’t know about.

    It’s wonderful to find a program that allows for automation but terrible when what’s supposed to help you hinders your progress.
    .-= Shirley @ Solo Business Marketing´s last blog ..How Amusement Rides Resemble Marketing =-.

    • Exactly. You know, sometimes it just might be the way a plugin interacts with your host. For me, I had to get rid of WP Super Cache months ago because it didn’t play well with my blogs either. Yet, other people swear by it. So, it’s either the theme or the host I figure.

  • I’ve never noticed that problem with the few of my blogs where I had that plugin installed, but in the end I realized that I wanted to install it on the theme itself. When I change that, I’m going to end up editing the colors of the ads anyways, so why not?

    • Exactly, Bob. I actually have the Adsense template saved on my computer to pop in whenever I want anyway so I’ll just go back to that. The other problem with the plugin is that it didn’t quite know where to put itself sometimes, since I didn’t always have it defaulting to either the top or the bottom.

  • Hmmm, I have that plugin downloaded and on the backburner.. never did try it! Now I know to try it on a test site! Thanks for the tip Mitch!

  • i hear you, having an automated program really has to be sure of all the possible cases, and there are too many options sometimes.

    • True, RBC. They can help, but these things also need to be looked at more closely sometimes.

  • Vaillant Poznan says:

    I give every plugin that’s supposed to “automate” something around a month test drive on my secondary blog. I just don’t trust most of this stuff enough to just put it on my main site.

    • Well, after all that kicking you’ve been absorbing, one would expect you’d have to kick back eventually. Even a mouse will fight if cornered. lol

  • Brian D. Hawkins says:

    I wasn’t aware of the plugin. I’ve all but given up of AdSense. Are you actually making a decent profit from it other than the plugin?

    I’ve had to remove plugins before for hanging up my site. That’s one of the problems with third party content. I have way too much on my blogs but they get hard to part with sometimes.
    .-= Brian D. Hawkins´s last blog ..Just Ask – Article Marketing And Site Promotion =-.

    • Ah, you must not see my monthly revenue reports. Not from the blog, but most of the money I make comes from Adsense.

  • whydowork says:

    problems with our plugin? no way!

    All kidding aside, sounds more like your issue was with getting to google’s ad servers.

    if you get a “waiting for” that is a problem with the speed of google’s server: our plugin just loads them up for you.


    • First, thanks for writing in. That is the message I was getting, and I assumed it was your plugin. Any idea why Google’s server’s would slow down like that, and that often?

      Second, is there something with the middle settings and the plugin? It seems that, for articles around 200 words or so, it puts the ad at the bottom instead of, well, figuring out where the middle is.

      And third, thanks for that other Adsense Firefox add-on. I used to have a different one that the creator decided not to update for 3.0, and this will make it easier than having to check in all the time like I do now. I appreciate your stopping by; who outed me? 🙂

      • could be a caching issue with your browser (or blog if you have a fancy caching plugin). Possibly try clearing both?

        The ‘middle’ setting requires you to have at least 2 p (paragraph) tags to work. The more the better.

        No problem on the third! and Twitter alerts outed you 😛

  • I am having the problem but in reverse. I installed the latest version of the commentluv plugin and now it seems that when I try to pull up other blogs (not mine) with older versions of commentluv they don’t fully load and hang. I don’t know if this is because I registered at commentluv and that is screwing up these older versions or what. But this just happened today. I don’t seem to have a problem going to blogs with the newer version of commentluv and have my latest posts parsed, but the older ones all seem to hang and they never did before.
    .-= Damon Day´s last blog ..Debt Settlement Nightmare for Phoenix Woman =-.

    • That is an odd issue. It’s not because you’re registered, because I have 3 blogs registered and don’t have any problems at all. It probably just has to do with some of those blogs, and nothing to do with you. You could always write Andy; he almost always responds to every question or concern.

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