Removed By Shopping Ads

And just like that, no notice at all, here’s news from Shopping Ads:

02/02/2009 We apologize, your account has been removed from our affiliate network.
Do NOT contact support.
They are not capable of restoring your account.

[No earnings for all of January]
02/02/2009 ShoppingAds is now a closed network.
Due to little or no earnings your account has been removed.
We will attempt to pay for any last revenue you may have after our next payout date.
Thank you!

Well, that’s a fine how-do-you-do, isn’t it? Not like I made much money off them, as you saw my January report, and I’ve never made a dime off them, so I’m not close to being upset. I only noticed that there was this big empty spot on the blog that I wasn’t sure what had been there, and that’s the message I got.

So be it. As you see, I’ve replaced that block with something else; anyone need any chocolate for Valentines Day? lol

Good thing I was paying attention, eh? Oh well,…

Dan's Chocolates

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11 comments on “Removed By Shopping Ads

  • Taris Janitens says:

    Don’t you love how impersonal they are?? Sarcasm for any other those that didnt get that lol

    Taris Janitens´s last blog post..The Importance of Posting on Other Blogs

    • Yes, and it’s the type of thing I talk about on my business blog, the customer service aspects of what it is we all do, especially companies.

  • Hey Mitch,
    I’m confused as to whether they just closed your account or if they closed the business? If it was just your account, like your earlier post on others (Brookstone?) doing that, it makes no sense. I can’t see any cost to keeping it open, and there is always the potential.
    Anyway, in the face of stuff like this, your January improvement looks even better. 🙂
    ~ Steve, the trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..Trade Show Zombies

    • Steve, they didn’t close the company; they just bounced me. It says it clearly; no sales in January. I’ve never made a sale for them, though I advertised for them, but that’s okay; way more folks to work with, right?

  • So, did ShoppingAds hear about this blog and decide they needed to try to save face, or are they just a couple of days late? Here’s what I received a few moments ago:

    Dear T. T. Mitchell,

    ShoppingAds is undergoing a revamping and in the process has redefined the requirements of quality and traffic volume for the publishers we work with. Due to this restructuring, we regret to inform you that we have had to deactivate your account moving forward. If you have remaining earnings in your account from your last payout. You needn’t worry- you WILL be paid on or after our next payout date, March 1st, 2009.

    Thank you kindly for your cooperation, and good luck with your future marketing endeavors.

    The ShoppingAds Team.


    • No, but then I didn’t expect any payment, since the only real money I made was when I signed up with them.

  • I just cant imagine that email you received from Shopping Ads to be a good way to keep ones customers, did you ever find out why they would do that? They must of thought you were someone else maybe? Confusing.

    email marketing

    • Well EM, I think some companies look at those of us who aren’t making sales with their programs as making them look bad, and then they yank us for whatever reason. I did get a more “official” word from them saying I was canceled, but that was it.

  • Kevin Phoenix says:

    Mitch, bonjour… your shopping problems aside… One of the most reliable ways that I have found of building links is to syndicate my blog with other like minded individuals. If you look at the Google Friend Connect panel on my blog, you will see that I presently have 44 “Friends”; of these, 36 are people with whom I syndicate.

    Whenever one of us in the group makes a new post, we, as a group, have agreed to give some credibility to that post on one or more of the social media web sites. This either by way of a save, digg, clip, etc., and sometimes a comment on those social web sites. All this social activity by our group serves to increase search engine visibilty and rankings, which in turn means that our posts receive greater attention by people outside our group (i.e. traffic).

    Every time I post, I get more social activity and visibility – more visibility = more traffic = more visibility

    As one of my colleagues puts it “We have a Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine”

    Kevin Phoenix´s last blog post..Personal Financial Rescue Plan

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