And just like that, no notice at all, here’s news from Shopping Ads:

02/02/2009 We apologize, your account has been removed from our affiliate network.
Do NOT contact support.
They are not capable of restoring your account.

[No earnings for all of January]
02/02/2009 ShoppingAds is now a closed network.
Due to little or no earnings your account has been removed.
We will attempt to pay for any last revenue you may have after our next payout date.
Thank you!

Well, that’s a fine how-do-you-do, isn’t it? Not like I made much money off them, as you saw my January report, and I’ve never made a dime off them, so I’m not close to being upset. I only noticed that there was this big empty spot on the blog that I wasn’t sure what had been there, and that’s the message I got.

So be it. As you see, I’ve replaced that block with something else; anyone need any chocolate for Valentines Day? lol

Good thing I was paying attention, eh? Oh well,…

Dan's Chocolates