Do you have the guts to find out what your RealAge is?

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RealAge is the website of Dr. Michael Roizen, a physician geared towards helping people determine the health of their bodies based on their habits, foods they eat, supplements, illnesses, and many other things in life that people have to deal with. I actually know of Dr. Roizen because he was a physician at University Hospital right here in Syracuse, where I live, and was on the local news at noon once a week for many years. Many other people recognize him as the sidekick of Dr. Mehmet Oz on Oprah for many years.

The site is simple, but the test is long. You’re asked a series of questions regarding your health and many of the things I mentioned above, and of course a lot more. Once you’ve finished, you get a score that tells you what your real age is, as opposed to how old you are.

If you’re doing what you need to be doing, then your score will indicate that you’re younger than you really are; if not, you’ll show some aging. And, because you’ve set up a username and password, you can always come back and take the test again, changing things as you’ve made changes, if you’ve made any. Just to be consistent in some of my openness, my score shows me as being about 18 months older than I am; not bad, but it needs to get much better.

Also on the site are all sorts of nutritional and health articles and tips that will keep you informed for a long time to come. As a matter of fact, there’s other information on this site, as well as games such as brain teasers. It’s a very good site. Truthfully, I probably go and check my health once every six months, since that seems to be the pattern of some of my health changes, which I probably need to write about at some point as a follow up to earlier posts that many of you haven’t seen.

Once again, this is an easy recommendation for a site, and I hope you have the guts and the will to learn more about your health, and are ready to do something about it.

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