I used to run Odiogo on this site. It was a program that allowed people to listen to my posts rather than having to read them. That works if I’ve written something long, and I figured it would help people get through the longer posts.

The problem with Odiogo is that it only went back so far, then stopped. It barely went back three weeks; that just wasn’t going to get it done. I mean, if the icon was going to be on old posts, people were going to expect that they could listen to old posts. I had started trying to download the MP3 files to add to the post later on, but not only was that time consuming, but I couldn’t add it to the icon, and putting it elsewhere made no sense.

Some time ago I was on someone else’s blog, and there was a conversation about blog readers. This one guy wrote in talking about ReadSpeaker, a relatively new plugin that would do the same sort of thing, only it would work for all previous posts. I read it, but didn’t do much with it.

Then the guy wrote me and asked me if I was willing to try it; this was a while ago. Now, there’s something about me people have to understand. I’m a fairly loyal guy. I don’t just change things because it’s the latest thing. I’ve worn the same style of shoes since 1967. I’ve eaten the same brand of spaghetti sauce since 1973. I only get one cheese other than American, and that’s Velveeta (and I don’t want to hear that it’s not cheese!). The only reason I changed the bank I’ve had since 1975 was because they started charging high checking fees, and even then, I still have my savings account with them.

I put it off. That is, until probably three weeks ago. I don’t know what prompted me to try it, but I decided to try it out on my finance blog first, just to see what I thought about it. I have to say that it doesn’t read as well as Odiogo does. But I ran it for a post that went back to February; it took a moment to create the file, but it worked great. I decided to put it on my business blog, and once again, it ran great. That’s my oldest blog, so I tested it on a post from 2006; worked great.

While running some tests on my plugins (something I’ll be talking about in a couple of days), I decided to finally load it onto this blog last night, and tested it. No real complaints, I have to say. Yeah, Odiogo reads better, but being able to allow my visitors to go back and listen to those old, longer posts,… it’s worth it if you ask me.

It’s free for individuals, which means all of y’all can get it if you so choose. Businesses have to pay a licensing fee, but I’m betting it’s not all that expensive. But it works; give it a shot.

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