Puppy Cams

Twelve days ago there was a litter of six puppies that were born. That’s nothing new. It was the third litter of Shiba Inu puppies from the mother, also nothing new. And it was immediately set up on streaming video; also not really new, but new to me.

I found out about it via NBC News, of all things, where it was mentioned 4 days after they were born, and I tracked it back to this streaming video link I’ve been obsessively watching the live link except for this past weekend, when the live feed was taken down for a short period of time and instead we had a few videos to keep us entertained. Of course, once you’re gotten used to watching them live the videos just aren’t quite the same, even though the puppies are still cute as sin.

On the site are other feeds of litters of puppies and probably some kittens somewhere on the site; I’m a puppies guy. It’s been a lot of fun and really interesting to watch. They’re so cute you just want to bite them… lightly of course. I learned that puppies don’t open their eyes from anywhere between 9 days and two weeks; as I’m writing this a day ahead they still haven’t opened their eyes. They didn’t start making any noise until six days later, and it was the cutest thing as well, though I could never figure out which one was making the noise.

They sleep a lot, but never fully restful sleep; my wife and I aren’t quite sure why they keep twitching but they don’t seem overly troubled by it. Of course it must be difficult for any family to deal with multiples and hope they all stay asleep at the same time, and it’s the same here. One will eventually move and start crawling all over the rest of them, looking for warmth I believe as they always seem to be trying to find their way into the middle. At this point it seems one mainly sleeps on its back while one has finally learned how to sit. I just can’t tell any of them apart.

And every few hours the mother pops into the picture, cleans them in some fashion (after seeing that I put away the notion about wanting to bite one lol) and then feeds them.

I have to mention that this UStream site seems to be pretty interesting for anyone who wants to go live with a feed. If you have a camera it looks like all you have to do is create an account, pick a category, and then go for it. I think it’s a family friendly site, so none of those shower people need apply. 🙂

Anyway, I hope you check out the puppies; it’s a lot of fun.

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  1. Adorable pups, Mitch. It is nice to veer away from the hubbub of our daily lives and take in something as wonderful as newly given life. This puppy experience you shared with us provided a breath of fresh air for me this week. Nice reminder to just take a moment and breathe. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Wes, I love watching those puppies grow, and even in just two weeks they’re so much bigger and more alert than they were a few days after they were born. Just fascinating stuff.

  2. They look so cute, I’ve never knew about this websites, but looks pretty cool. I also have a dog, his name is Barney. He is very funny pug.

  3. Love dogs and especially puppies too Mitch! When I was younger, our dog had puppies all the time it seemed. Several of them got hit by a car right after birth so we would take turns getting up every few hours to feed them. Even helped with the birth of a few in my day. They are truly precious creatures.

    Thanks for sharing this! What will they come up next!


  4. I love puppies! They are like cute little stuffed toys I want to cuddle when they are just days old and just keep on sleeping. 🙂

    1. I’m with you Grace. They’re really adorable, and I’m going to follow this group for awhile, then look for the next set of newborn puppies to follow.

  5. Awww! I’m going to have to check this out. I remember once getting hooked on some live stream some guy had going looking out the window of his apartment. I can’t remember where it was (I think NY). Mostly it was a lot of traffic, but once in a while you could see shady characters engaging in some activities.

    1. Jess, I remember when the first webcams came out it was kind of fascinating seeing things in places you thought you’d never visit. It can be a major time waster, just like when they also first were broadcasting police radio signals on the computer. Still, if it’s calming and cute, I don’t mind wasting time looking at the puppies.

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