A few posts ago, I wrote about Great Smiles as a website that could help bring a smile to the faces of all of us. Well, here’s a couple more websites that will make many people feel just as good.

Truthfully, I don’t think i know anyone who doesn’t like baby animals. With that in mind, there’s a site called The Daily Puppy, and every day they highlight a brand new puppy by showing many pictures of that puppy. But that’s not all, as the site has many images of other puppies that have been highlighted in past days. And, if you look through the site, you’ll find even more puppies.

The same thing can be said for The Daily Kitten, which has a slightly different layout, but still offers the same sort of images, but doesn’t have a widget like the site for puppies does, which explains why you don’t see one here. Well, that, plus, I must admit, I prefer puppies myself. 🙂

Two more websites that are worth visiting by anyone having a bad day. If these, or the smiles, can’t make you happy, then you just don’t want to be happy.

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