Problems With Socket Errors

For once, I’m putting a question out to the world with this blog instead of trying to answer something.

I got my computer back about two weeks ago. Ever since I got it back, I keep having these socket errors. Now, to be truthful, before I took my computer in, I’d find that my Mailwasher program would suddenly not show any new email, saying the server was being shut down, both on this computer and on my laptop, but oddly enough it was only for my main Road Runner account, and not the secondary account.

However, what happens now only seems to affect my computer, and it’s these socket errors. Each time, the number changes, though it’s been relegated to only 3 different error numbers thus far: 10048, 10055, 10057. When I go through Google to see if I can find something to help me out, I’m basically clueless in what they’re saying. There’s a lot of computer terminology that I don’t understand, even though I know a lot of stuff; it would seem to be that there’s really no way to learn all of it, especially if it’s not your main job.

I have learned a couple of things, though. A part of it seems to be that, whatever a socket it, I have multiple programs trying to access the same one at times. I only notice it when things start to shut down; it’s all related to the internet, by the way. So, at one time, I might have open my Firefox browser, my Thunderbird email client, my Feedreader program, and my Mailwasher program, all of which access the internet. I’ve learned that when things start freezing up, I should close either Mailwasher, Thunderbird, or Feedreader, and often I at least get my access to the internet back with Firefox. Every once in awhile, though, that still doesn’t get it done, and I actually have to either disconnect my Linksys router AND my cable modem for 30 seconds, then try again, or, in extreme cases, reboot the computer.

Frankly, this is a mess. Oh yeah, I’m running Panda software as both my antivirus and the firewall, and I’d been thinking that maybe it was the problem, but I tested and found that when I shut it down I was still having the issue, so I know that’s not it.

Anyway, I put it out there to the world, hoping someone can give me some assistance on this one, using plain language that even I can understand. That’s kind of the bigger issue, in my opinion, yet something most of us don’t think about. We use this terminology to do our jobs that those working with us understand, then we use the same terminology on someone else and they stare at us like we’ve just tried to read Hamlet to them (I’ve only ever made it through 10 pages of that). Yeah, I could probably take it back to the computer guy, but I think I’ve had enough of that for now.

I thank any and everyone who offers some assistance.

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