Prioritizing Your Projects

Well, this is rare for me. I haven’t written a new blog post since Monday, and here it is Friday. What’s going on?

I have many projects going on at this time, so much so that I’ve neglected this blog for the time being. As some of you know, I was out of town many days last week, even though I was able to keep up with blog posts at that time. I wrote a few posts ahead of time so I could concentrate on my big paying project.

Time Flies
Time Flies

Well, this week I’ve been working on catching up on all my other projects that bring in money, along with trying to finish up the big project so I can get paid for that and move on. Many of my other projects involve writing, which means research at the same time, and while researching that stuff I was able to keep up, to a degree, with my other blogs in some fashion. But I’ve kind of missed out on this one, so I apologize for that.

However, it brings up the point of how people prioritize their projects. For me, it starts with what’s paying, and how much, and how fast. Just to throw some false numbers out, if it comes down to working on the project that not only pays multiple thousands of dollars, but faster than the multiple hundreds of dollars, even if the hundreds has been more consistent money, I’m going with the big bucks first. Next is the consistent money, because one doesn’t treat anyone as second class clients. After that you take care of yourself, because, if you’re me, taking care of myself could end up bringing in money also.

Right now where I’m lacking is that I don’t have my PDA anymore. It broke, and I haven’t purchased a new one yet. I’ve been balking because when I bought the thing two years ago it only cost me $130, and now that they’ve discontinued it, but still have it on the market, some places are charging upwards of $399 for it; no way! However, I used to use it for all my planning and note taking and portable record keeping and address book, and now I have none of that. It makes doing much of what I want to do harder to keep up with.

How do most of you handle your projects overall, since I assume most of you don’t have a PDA? Or do you just work haphazardly? Something to think about, and I’d love reading your answers.

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  1. Yeah, I’m one of those haphazard blokes. Unless I have a deadline to meet I just potter around doing bits and pieces here and there.

    When it comes to writing a post though, as soon as the idea is in my head I sit down and do the post. If I’m not near the computer I’ll make a note of it if I have a pen and paper handy, if not I’ll probably forget all about it. šŸ™
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    1. Sire, I’ve found that I was so regimented with my Palm and it’s helping me get things done that I’m lost without it. I’m going to have to find a good deal, and soon.

    1. We both know I have no idea what an iPod Touch is; heck, I don’t have anything beginning with “i”, and have only ever seen an iPhone. Now that’s a shame.

      1. You know, I keep up with computer technology, and I used to keep up with stereophonics, but that’s as far as I go. I know nothing about all these fancy phones, as I really don’t want to be that accessible, nor spend all that kind of money for roving access I can get elsewhere. I don’t even have an ebook reader.

      2. It’s not an iPhone Mitch, it’s an iPod Touch
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      3. Oh, I thought we’d switched to talking about the iPhone; I’ll check that link.

        By the way, is this link about a guy in Australia?

    2. Good morning,

      I tend to do all my prioritizing on paper rather than on a PDA or computer, but everyone knows that I’m an old dinosaur.

      Before I went into the hospital earlier this month, I bought an iPod Touch and love it. I used it to update my Facebook page so my friends around the world would know how I was doing.

      Now that I’m back home and recuperating nicely, I’m using my computer more, but still love the iPod.

      I’m taking time off from working and that means I don’t have to prioritize anything right now, since about all I’m doing is reading novels, listening to music, and watching movies on Netflix.

      Having never use a Palm or any other PDA to organize my life, I don’t know how an iPod Touch would compare, but I’m pretty impressed with the number of applications that are available for the iPod, and I only paid a couple of hundred dollars for the 8 GB version. (Of course, if you want to have the full benefit of the iPod, you should get the 32 GB version that will be able to use the new fourth generation OS features that will be released this summer.)

      All the best,


      1. John, I’ve still never seen one. But I did break down and finally got a replacement for my Palm, going the “used” route, which I almost never do. Works fine, so I’m a happy camper. I wonder if I’m fighting the Apple revolution for any specific reason; have to think about that.

    1. LOL! One day I’m going to grow up and be you, Ramana. Well, I also want to be Regis Philbin, but I don’t know if you know who he is.

  2. I need to get a lot more organized with this, I have so many things going on it’s unreal.
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    1. Freak, right Dennis? I’ve really lost a lot of time this week while my wife was out of town. Have to get my rhythm back.

      1. Too much partyin’ eh?
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      2. Actually, I don’t party, so nope. Just sitting around doing stupid stuff; that’s more my style.

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