Post #701 – A Period Of Balance


Man, time certainly has flown. In almost exactly 4 months (actually, I’m writing this 5 days early so I actually beat 4 months), I have written my last 100 posts. From Post #601 to now, there has been some interesting changes, and some things I said I was going to get to that I haven’t gotten to. Oh well, let’s start off with some recaps.

First up, the topics I wrote on in the last 100 posts. I touched upon more topics this period than I ever have before 25 of them, and that means that the top 5 topics are going to show more balance that at any other period:

Blogging – 19

Personal – 13

Business – 10

Entertainment – 10

Social Media – 8

It’s the first time Social Media has made it into the top 5, but I think if I went back and classified some earlier posts that it would make an interesting resurgence, since I’d been writing about it but calling it something else.

Next, instead of going to my most popular posts first, I want to continue this theme of balance. Therefore, something new, just this once. It’s sometimes interesting to see where your traffic is coming from. If you looked at the numbers below on the pie chart that comes with Google Analytics, it looks almost perfectly balanced. Almost, that is; here are the actual numbers:

referring sites – 34.6%

search engines – 27.1%

direct traffic – 21.2%

other – 17.1%

I’ll tell you the truth, I have absolutely no idea what “other” refers to, but I’ll take what I can get.

Next, my post popular posts, and this time, the one in the lead is kind of freaking me out. You’ll see why when you look at the numbers:

Cleavage – Yeah, I’m Going There – 1,262

Getting Google Desktop To Index Thunderbird – 184

Top 100 Singers Of All Time – 143

Watch Out For Secret Shopper Scams – 109

Cuban Cars – 86

Every one of these posts are older posts; none of the new posts in the past 200 made the list. But look how far ahead that post on Cleavage is; wild! That Secret Shopper article is more than 2 years old; if this blog had Page Rank, that bad boy would probably be a 5! And the article on Google Desktop should be fading away as more people should have moved to new computers and should be on he 64-bit product by now. I’m stunned, to tell you the truth; just goes to show you never know what people are going to gravitate towards.

And finally, the posts with the most comments during this time period:

Sunday Question – Do You Take Care Of Your Physical Self? – 48

Cleavage – Yeah, I’m Going There – 44

Why Do You Revisit Some Blogs And Not Others? – 39

Are You A Lurker Or Participant In Life? – 39

My First Look At MS Office 2007 – 38

I didn’t change any of my marketing material over the past 4 months, but I did add the Facebook widget advertising my business page, and I added the badge to the right showing I’ve hooked up with Alliance P50 bloggers. Something I said I was going to do but didn’t do was create a widget that would highlight all the things I’ve specifically talked about as in a review, and I need to remember to add that. As I wrote that post about trust I was thinking that maybe I’ve built up enough trust in some people that the few things I’ve reviewed, as well as my little sales page (there next to me with the parrot), might get more visitors, and thus sales. Or not; we’ll see how it all goes.

And there we are. If things are going well, I’m at a hotel right now giving a presentation on customer service, which that sticky above is talking about. It will be down later this evening, as that event will be over, and I’m doubting there will be any last minute stragglers hoping to pop in on the webinar tomorrow. Anyway, here’s this update, and if I keep this pace up, we should see #800 come September, I guess.

LG 50PS11 50″ Plasma TV

Price – $989.99

7 thoughts on “Post #701 – A Period Of Balance”

  1. Wouldn’t it be better to split blogs if you have a lot of different topics for better optimization? Too much topics might be confusing for some.

    1. It depends on what you’re trying to do, Michelle. This site is optimized very well, so no. It’s a myth that only niche blogs are going to get nice rankings online. This blog does well because of the amount of content I put out. If I tried splitting all that I write into different blogs, I’d be all over the place and most of the blogs wouldn’t have enough content to do well at all. As a point of comparison, I took a look at your site, which looks pretty nice, but you’re niched and I rank higher than you via Alexa. Since this blog has no page rank, there is nothing to compare there, since Google took it away. But before they did, it had a page rank of 4.

      Niched works well for you because you’re marketing one product. It works for my business sites because I’m marketing myself to those markets. For this blog, I’m marketing me and my thoughts; it’s doing just what it’s supposed to be doing.

  2. Cuban Cars?? Musta missed that one. lol
    .-= Dennis Edell | Direct Sales MarketingĀ“s last blog ..I Need MORE Aweber USER Affiliates! =-.

  3. I will have to look at Michelle’s site, but I’m split both ways :-}

    Check out my last post- you’ll see what I mean…

    But my other site, is more everything, and it does much better than my Advice For Work At Home site.

    It really depends on what your blogging goals are- what are you trying to accomplish?
    .-= CaroleeĀ“s last blog ..Finding your niche =-.

    1. That’s how it goes, Carolee. If you’re competing in a niche that has a lot of other people, you’re going to be in trouble anyway so why overly diversify sometimes?

  4. That’s how it goes, Carolee. If you’re competing in a niche that has a lot of other people, you’re going to be in trouble anyway so why overly diversify sometimes?

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