Post #1,000!!! And A Video To Boot!

It’s milestone day, post #1,000, and I decided to change things up for once and turn it into a video instead of writing one of my normal milestone posts. Some of you have said that I should have more videos anyway; well, this means some of you will be appeased by this, and some of you are going to run away from this one. Unfortunately, it’s my longest video to date, but there was just no way to really make it any shorter and get in all I wanted to say. If it makes you feel any better, if I’d written it all out I think we’d have gotten to around 1,500 words; ouch!

So, here’s the video and post #1,000, and there’s a little test at the end of the video to see if you’ve watched it or not, although if the first person answers it then I guess the test is over. Oh well, here it is anyway. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Post #1,000!!! And A Video To Boot!”

  1. Hey Mitch, it looks like when you set the video up with YouTube, it might have been marked “private” because I can’t watch it either.

    1. Thanks Jessica; I hadn’t realized that, but I’ve changed the setting so others can view it now.

  2. This was so cool! I’ve thought about doing a video post like that but I’m not sure I have the equipment to do it. But I did enjoy yours even though I’m not sure about some of the stuff you were talking about. I’ll have to explore your other sites.

    I’m not sure I saw James Earl Jones there, but then again I’m bad with remembering what people look like.

    What I would like to see more of is analyzing blog stats, seo issues and problems, improving blog appearance, what works and what doesn’t in blogging, and any other blog improving issues. You have a great site and I enjoy reading it.

    I’d be interested in hosting a guest post after April since April is pretty tied up with me doing the Blogging from A to Z Challenge–I can’t believe how that thing has taken off! Let me know. My readers are hungry for more blog improving info. The comments on my post for today on followers seem to indicate that.

    I look forward to the next 1000 posts. Come to think of it I should check where I am–I think I’m nearing #500 unless I’ve passed it already.

    Thanks Mitch

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

    1. Thanks Arlee, and I’m glad you watched the whole thing. As for some of the blog things you mentioned, I’ve written about most of them on this blog; you can check out the category “blogging” and see a lot of it. Well, that and “seo”, which I’ve written a lot about as well. Good luck with your challenge; I know it’ll go well.

  3. HI Mitch!

    Congratulations on hitting Post #1000! That’s got to be quite the accomplishment. =)


  4. Congratulations Mitch, 1000 post is a great achievement. That’s the reason you are one of the most influential figures in internet blogging. I just can say that I have never achieved that high number on a blog even with 7 workers (but hopefully will hit 1000 soon). I believe that from now on, your blog will be even more successful.

    1. Thanks Carl, but I’m not close to influential just yet. But I’m working on it. 🙂

  5. Hey Mitch,

    Congrats on your 1000th post and RIP to Sunday question.

    I think I see a resemblance between you and James Earl Jones, especially because you have almost the same hair and haircut plus you both wear the same kind of eyeglasses, plus the shape of your head are the same :). Yeah, I see the resemblance.

    I wish you good luck with all your goals, I hope I will still be here to see it and don’t stray away from the internet 🙂

    1. Alex, I have no plans on going away, but one never knows about the future in that regard, do they? Thanks for the congrats!

  6. Hi, Mitch!

    Whew! I finally got the video to load. I enjoyed listening to you and – I must say – the folks who compare you to James Earl Jones are not too far off. You definitely command the screen, once you get into your talk. LOL You look tentative and so Un-Jameslike in the beginning.

    I’m not surprised that you’ve reached 1,000 from the 900th in December. Every time we chat, you’re telling me about the last dozen (!!) things you just wrote. I think you are very prolific.

    One of the things I’ve learned from blogging is that each page stands on its own. So, you could really talk about whatever you want to just share 😉 Personally, I would read two types of your posts:
    1. Travels – I enjoyed some of the stories you’ve shared
    2. Meatloaf – LOL! Seriously. My wife and I love watching the Neelys cuttin’ up on their cooking show. I know you could entertain us with some cooking posts.

    Anyway, onward and upward! Your goals are within reach!



    1. Oh my Mitch, cooking stuff; man, I don’t have lots of stories, but some of what I have can be funny here and there. I almost don’t even want to get into a further discussion about this “phobia” I have about touching meat. lol

  7. Hi Mitch,

    Your milestone video blog for your 1,000th post was a real treat! Having read your original goals post for this year, listening to you walk down through them for this 1st quarter was inspiring because of your transparency about each one.

    You mentioned the effect the new changes at Google possibly had on your rankings because of adding so much new content in such a short time. If this is the case, then maybe you’ll experience a turn-about once Google shakes the kinks out since your new content is not duplicated.

    In viewing your profile, I wouldn’t say you look like James Earl Jones. But … There is a similitude. At first glance, I can see how some people would say you do because the features are similar.

    All in all, enjoyed this one immensely! 🙂

    1. Thanks Vernessa; I know it was kind of long, but I’m glad you stuck through it. The money goal is one that I really need to pick up on, that’s for sure, but those other goals wouldn’t depress me either. As for Google, and by extension Adsense, since it’s affecting all my websites I’m not quite sure what the deal is, but I figure it too shall pass. So, onward and upward I figure.

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