I’ve been talking to a few people lately about the topic of PLR, or “private label rights”. In essence, these are articles that users can purchase in bulk numbers of anywhere from 10 to 25 articles for usually anywhere from $10 to $25, and only a certain number are sold so that the users know only so many of these articles will be going out to the masses.

When you read the article, pay attention to the writer’s second point about PLR articles, that being that you can use these articles, rewrite them in some fashion, then do whatever you wish with them. The reason this becomes important is that if you don’t alter the articles in some fashion, it may come across later on as though you either plagiarized someone, or someone stole from you.

Of course, if anyone remembers my post titled When Blogs Aren’t Cool, when I was talking about publishing a post only to learn that it’s shown up on someone else’s blog within seconds and how much I hate that, you can imagine how I might react when I realize that someone has posted what looks like duplicate content. My top three moral laws are honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness, and in my mind “scraping” violates two of the three. With PLR, a person has purchased the rights to use those articles however they wish, but in the long run, I believe the rest of us feel cheated if we realize that someone we like and love their articles might not have written that article, and indeed we see multiple copies of that article.

I have some PLR articles in my possession, though I didn’t purchase them. To tell you the truth, I got them a very long time ago, and I can’t tell you how I got them because I honestly don’t know. What I’ve done with most of them is nothing, but what I will probably do is give them away for free, as I’ve done with this post and this post. Of course, I did say in one of them that I might do something different also, but as long as it costs you nothing, I figure you probably don’t care overall.

Anyway, for those of you who’d like to learn more, I hope you read the link to the article. Happy writing!

Mini Hibachi Grill

Mini Hibachi Grill

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