I can’t claim total credit for this find. I was going through Twitter and came across a retweet of something from Susan Hall, one of my local Twitter buddies, who writes a blog called Penguin Hall Monitor.

It’s called PDFMYURL, and what it does is turns any url you type into its window into a pdf file. Now, when I read this I thought “what the heck would anyone ever want to use something like that for.” Still, I’m game to try things out, so I typed in one of my websites urls and hit enter. It opened a menu window so I could pick where I wanted to save it, and it saves it with the url name in the file. Then I opened it up, and indeed, my entire page was there.

Suddenly I could see the appeal of such a thing. One, it’s a fast way to capture a news story without having to print the entire thing out. Two, if you’re searching for specific information, such as instructions on how to do something, you could save that as a pdf file in case you’re worried about having to deal with that sort of thing again. Three, it’s a neat way to capture information on the fly so you can look at it later on, and you wouldn’t have to be thinking to yourself “where did I find that sucker” because the url would be in the file name.

I like this little thing so much I’ve added it to my bookmarks toolbar for easier access. It hasn’t made the main line yet, however; gotta figure out what I’d want to move to make room for it. Hey, give it a try; you might find you like it yourself. Neat things can be found on the internet, eh?

The Url King

The Url King

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