I’ve been looking around for the next big thing to test in some fashion, and came across Paydotcom as someone to check out. What attracted me to it was seeing that they supposedly similar to Clickbank, which, as you know, I participate with in some fashion. However, what they offered is that when someone purchased an item, you automatically got paid through your Paypal account, or you’d get a monthly check, no matter the amount. That sounded enticing for my internet marketing efforts.

I went to the site and looked around first. The company creator is Mike Filsaime, more known for his Butterfly Marketing campaign than Paydotcom, so I figured it wouldn’t be all that bad. It didn’t look terrible, and they even had a widget and their own affiliate program that you could sign up for to promote them. I checked out their marketplace and saw some things that looked similar to Clickbank, and I figured “what the hey”. Signing up as an affiliate was free, and I’ve signed up for other things, so I went ahead and signed up.

It wasn’t until after I signed up that the first little irritation hit me. They pay you your commissions immediately, but they also charge you a fee for selling someone else’s product. I wasn’t crazy to see that. They will either send you a bill, or you can give them a credit card and they’ll just take it out of your earnings on a monthly basis. For some reason, getting charged to market someone else’s products just doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe that’s how it works for other affiliate programs, in the background, but I’ve always been of the assumption that all fees incurred were paid by the marketer, not the seller.

So, now I’m irritated. I decide to go look through the marketplace, to see if there was anything that might spark my interest enough to even consider paying a fee for selling it. There wasn’t; nothing really interested me all that much. I’ve been known to be persnickety, and maybe that’s how I was feeling after finding out about the fee, but, well, truthfully, most of what I saw being promoted looked like junk, and expensive junk at that. I’m not saying it’s junk, just that the way it’s listed gave me that impression. They do have lots more stuff than Clickbank, or at least it seemed that way. Both of these is probably because, unlike Clickbank, Paydotcom doesn’t examine what the marketers are selling up front. With Clickbank, you have to show them your sales page, how you’ll accept payments, and then your return and refund policy before they’ll allow you to use their services. With Paydotcom, they let you go and “hope” you’ll do the right thing.

At that point I decided it wasn’t for me, and wanted to just cancel and delete my account; nothing, nada, zip. I couldn’t find it anywhere. The best I could find was how I could cancel my “newsletter” subscription, which supposedly I was going to get paid for, but since I never signed up for one, nor gave them a credit card number, I’m assuming that I wasn’t going to get it, though I started wondering about that because I did give them my email address to my Paypal account. Maybe I’m paranoid, but that smacks of smarmy from where I’m sitting. I did send customer service a ticket asking to have my account removed, and they did remove me the next day.

Obviously I’m not recommending this group to anyone, although I’d love to hear from anyone who’s using them to see if you have a different point of view on it. Maybe if you’re looking for affiliates to market your product you’ll feel better about it all, but from an affiliate marketing perspective, I’d say this company may not be the one for you. By the way, I did do a little research on it after I decided I wanted out, and there were some concerns expressed by others. One is that Paydotcom seems more like a virtual company than a real one; it’s almost like it’s just a middleman for transactions, since the seller is the one who’d be paying you, and Paydotcom can auto-bill you without there being anyone around. A second was that it looks like many of the products are old and some are expired, which then makes it seem like the site isn’t getting regular maintenance. I’m not saying these are necessarily true, just a couple of items I saw that others have said.

In this case, it’s “seller beware”. It won’t be me.

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    • I’m with you on this one, Sire. I felt like they were sneaky because I didn’t know about the fee up front, and I couldn’t find the FAQ until I’d signed up.

  • Its been talked about on one of the forums , the fact that paydotcom don’t pay you and its left up to the merchants to do so has resulted in a lot of people complaining that they haven’t been paid. Which kind of defeats the purpose of having an account.

    • I didn’t see it on the forums, Khaled, but I’m not surprised Just seemed sneaky once I was there, so I can see why people might be hesitant about it.

  • Paying fees to sell stuff sounds like the biggest scam in the world. Talk about shady business dealings. I would stay as far away from them as possible Mitch!

    • And I am, Matt. Just got email saying they’re following through on my request to totally cancel my account.

      • Thanks for checking these out though Mitch. I always debate whether certain ad networks are better than others so it helps to get your viewpoint on things.

        It’s funny, I recently switched from kontera to infolinks (I mentioned it in the other topic) and doubled my daily income from it. So Kontera recently emailed me saying they “Guaranteed 10% more revenue than infolinks.” I wondered what it meant as it provided no criteria as to what happened if they didn’t meet their guarantee, or how they ensured it.

        Just thought it was interesting and it fit alongside these ad network studies.

      • Just asking, but can you run both at the same time, or do you have to pick one or the other?

        As for the Kontera email, I don’t know how they could guarantee that either, especially based on the numbers you’re reporting. Folks will say anything to make a sale; let’s see them back it up.

  • Yea I heard about paydotcom def not something I would be into and it does not even look like a clean website.

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    • You’re right, Brian, and it made me wonder about it, yet I still had to check it out, so I could write about it here of course. It’s what I do. lol

  • If the website like this doesn’t show you all the terms of agreement and the whole FAQ before you sign up I feel like it’s because they have something to hide. And when it comes to money, especially my money I don’t like sneaky websites and shady rules – I need a clear and easy to understand guidelines so that I know what I’m getting myself into.

    • I’m with you, Setai, and I think I’m going to make sure I can find that from this point on instead of just signing up for stuff and then regretting it, even if I am testing these things so I can write about them here.

  • Actually Dennis, it’s not on the left. I did finally see it at the bottom, but the FAQ is not on the left. As for the fees, I didn’t notice anything about fees until I signed up. Sure, if I’d started with the FAQ I’d have known, but I didn’t; that’s pretty much what I said in what I wrote, and I won’t make that mistake again. I don’t care when fees are taken; I don’t want any fees taken. Paydotcom might be better for the seller than the affiliate, but since I don’t have any plans on going through them to sell anything, I don’t want any fee on what I might be lucky enough to sell, perio.d

  • ….. ehm … not to be bugging in butta…as far as I know clickbank also “takes fees” (see affiliate faq at clickbank, question 11 and 12 for more details)

    Quite frankly I don´t see any problem in any network taking a small fee, as long as it is clearly stated how the structure works.

    After all, this is Business, and even though we are promoting products for others, WE are using a service offered by the affiliate network as well.

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    • Hi Mirjam. Clickbank takes fees but you don’t see it. Paydotcom actually bills you after the fact, and therefore requests your credit card information, because after you make a sale there you’re supposed to be paid immediately by the publisher. It may seem like a small difference, but it’s a big deal to me.

      • hey Mitch,
        I found the following on the faq
        “The Vendor is responsible for the full fee but the Vendor gets to split the fee with the affiliate by withholding it from their commission. This is all automatically calculated by for all parties involved.”

        So basically what it says is that you won´t “see the fees you are paying” because the vendor with take your part of the fees out of the commission payment before paying your commission.

        As an affiliate you don´t need to put in your cc information, I surely didn´t, that is only if you are a vendor, wanting affiliates to sell your products.

      • That’s not the way I was reading it Mirjam, and I think there is a section where they do say that the vendor will pay you and then you have to pay fees back to the company. No matter; if we’re both interpreting the same thing in different ways, then it’s written badly, and I still don’t trust it and don’t want to participate with it. But that’s just me; if it works for others, then that’s fine.

  • Not to mention the owner Mike filsaime (or however you spell it ) keeps spamming me like 3 times a day for the last couple years. I can’t figure out how to remove my email address. Worst company ever!

    • You pretty much have to write him, and you can find contact information on his direct website.

  • several weeks ago, i try to join this paydotcom, later on they offer a new member a “great offer” to pay about $100 something and i will get those butterfly thing, viral and one othr item. If i refused the offer, i will not get my first $500 commision (it’s said it’s a “service charge” or something like that)… and i decide not to promote their product…

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    • Wow, that’s shocking. I just wasn’t impressed by what I saw, which is what made me leave. I hope you were able to get out of it easily.

  • Thanks Mitch for the info, honestly it’s first time for me to know that there’s affiliate network who charges us for every item we manage to sell

    • No problem, Rumahabi, although, supposedly, it seems some other companies might be doing it on the sly themselves.

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