I’m about to embark on a project that I hope helps this blog grow in internet prominence, to some degree at least. I’m sharing because, well, one hates thinking they’re doing something that might turn out to be goofy in the long run alone.

One reason to go back is because when I started this blog I didn’t have the plugin All In One SEO Pack. It allows you to write a title for the title page, write a description, and add keywords. What this does for you is it adds a title to the top of the page, just as if you were creating a website, adds a meta description that search engines show, and of course adds meta keyword descriptions.

The second reason to go back is because it can’t hurt to add more links to some of what I might consider are my best posts. It also allows me the opportunity to see if any of those older posts might be used in some of my newer posts, as linking never hurts, and it’s also possible that my later posts might have something pertinent to an older post. After all, no one ever said that you can’t update an old post with new information, right? And, while I’m going at it, I might look to see if some of the posts in my business blog could benefit from the same treatment. That one will be a much more arduous undertaking, as there’s almost 500 pages to go through.

The major point here is that internal linking is always important to website optimization, so why wouldn’t it be important to blogging? Why have all those older posts wasting away when not only could they help with her posts, but they could be kept relevant on their own? Earlier today someone commented on my business blog on a post I wrote in March of this year. How he found it I’m not sure, but my thought is that if I optimize that page, and many others, even better,… the skies the limit!

So, share your thoughts on this, because I’d really like to know.

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