I certainly can’t take credit for this find. It has to go to the Market Secrets Blog, which had this post on obscure WordPress plugins. I knew about some of them already, but this one I’m about to mention just blew my mind.

It’s called Odiogo, a funny name, but I think it’s a wonderful plugin. If you haven’t already noticed, underneath my title is a little icon that says “listen now“. If you click on that, you don’t have to read my posts; you can actually just listen to them instead.

What you do is go to the site, register, download the plugin, activate it, add the special number they give you, and off you go. People can treat it like a podcast, which means they can listen to it then and there on your blog or, oddly enough, they can also download the file as an MP3; are you kidding me?

I know this will help some folks who think I’ve written a pretty long post. Actually, it’s helped me already, because on the test post I listened to, I noticed something a little off and it turns out I’d missed a word; happens sometimes, of course, but hearing it is something else. You can listen to the posts here, or you can go to the website and sign up for the RSS podcast feed.

Now, there is one issue I seem to be having that some other folks haven’t had. It’s supposed to go back and find all my old posts and set them up to be listened to, but it hasn’t happened. I’m not sure why, so I’ve sent their support group an email asking if I messed something up.

I hope y’all like this one; give it a try!

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