None Of Us Is Great At Everything

A couple of weeks ago we had a major windstorm and turned into, for us, a minor snowstorm. At one point I was having a conversation on the phone with that woman I’m married to during the blackout the storm caused that went exactly like this:

not work I can do Me: It seems that one of the siding panels, the one at the very top next to the roof, has broken off and is dangling by a thread from the top of the house.

Her: Oh no, that sounds bad.

Me: Yup. Because there’s no lights and the storm I can’t get the ladder to climb up to see what I can do. Not that I like ladders in the first place but in the dark and storm I’m thinking that would be a bad idea.

Her: You on a ladder is always a bad idea.

Me: Someone’s got to do it so I’ll wait until morning and see what I can do.

Her: You can’t; we don’t have that ladder anymore.

Me: What do you mean we don’t have that ladder anymore?

Her: It’s not there anymore. I think Roger took it.

Me: Roger took our ladder? Why’d he do that?

Her: Roger had a pattern of taking things from people’s homes he was working on that he didn’t think they needed. He took Sue’s paint without telling her. That’s why we haven’t used Roger for anymore projects at the house.

Me: I didn’t know that. So, no ladder?

Her: Nope.

Me: Well, I guess there’s no way for me to get up there then.

Her: Trust me, it’s for the best.

can't be good at everything

Isn’t her concern for my safety touching? She’s also pretty funny wouldn’t you agree? lol

The truth is that not only was she right that night when she said it, but she was right when it was finally completed… for multiple reasons.

One, I’m scared of heights. I’ve only been on 2 ladders my entire life, and neither of them the large ladder I was thinking about climbing.

Two, I wouldn’t have had a spotter which, for someone who pretty much can’t do many things would have been imperative.

Three, you see the result; there’s no way I could have done anything to make it look that good.

Four, although I have some tools (my wife calls it my toy toolkit; she’s so mean…), I didn’t have the right equipment to do the job.

I put in a call to the company that replaced my roof. The guy who came over turned out to be a guy I’ve known for 35 years, who did some work on the roof 12 years ago and now works for this guy, his son-in-law. It took a guy with his kind of skill 45 minutes, which not only consisted of his fixing the initial problem, but he then shored up the entire front of the house because he said more than half of the siding sheets were loose, and that accounts for some of the rattling I’d been hearing whenever we have high winds (which we have often, along with the snow).

For all the work he did, it ended up only costing me $75, which I gladly paid. In my mind, this was a job that I was going to get charged something like $300, which would have been hard to deal with at that time, and which explained why I was willing to give it the ol’ college try. I’d fallen into a couple of old mind traps, which is going to lead to the point of this story (hold on it’s coming…).

The first trap was my thinking that something was going to be easier than it turned out to be because I have a faith in myself that, in this particular case, was unwarranted. Ladders, tools, nails… I was definitely kidding myself that I had the qualifications and talent to do this kind of work on my own.

The second trap was assuming something was true without actually checking to see if it was. Most of the time people either assume things cost more or less than they actually do. This leads to us not verifying things up front and then getting burned on the back end. Trust me, I’m in health care, and it’s amazing how often I hear people complain about how much their medical bill turned out to be, only to find out they didn’t even think to call ahead of time to see how much it would cost and, if they had insurance, how much they would cover.

(200/365) Shhhhh

Sarah via Compfight

Can I tell you a secret? Other than the fact that I write because I must, I write this blog, and this blog, and this blog, and this blog because I recognize that none of us is great at everything. Many of us have multiple skills, lots of things we can talk about that hopefully can help others.

Maybe it’s motivational; maybe it’s technical. Maybe it’s conceptual; maybe it’s thought provoking. Truth be told, I do a lot of writing because I do a lot of reading and I do a lot of thinking and then I do some doing and… then I share.

I visit the blog of every person who leaves a comment on this blog and some of my other blogs. I do this not only because it’s the courteous thing to do, but because I’m eternally curious and always looking to learn something new; I like being entertained also.

I also recognize there are times when I see something and my mind gets boggled, even if I’m interested in it. Sometimes I’m thankful that it doesn’t impact me. Other times, I just might need to ask that person a question to gain a little bit more clarity. Sometimes we need to reach out to someone else to get what we need.

Early in 2014 I wrote a post telling people how they can make their blogs successful is they were ready for the work. Today I’m asking you what you’re ready to do to be successful blogging, on social media, and by extension life. I’m asking you to “think”, and think hard.

What are you thinking about? Let’s start off with what do you want in your life. Then let’s go to what do you want to do with your blog. Then we’ll go to what are you hoping to accomplish via social media. Finally, what are you willing to do with, or for, any of these things?

Are you willing to pay for the knowledge you need? Are you willing to invest the time to learn what you need? Are you willing to pay for someone to help guide you? Are you willing to pay someone to provide services for things you either can’t do or don’t like doing? Are you willing to take a chance to achieve what you want for any of the things I mentioned above? Are you ready to focus?

Gifted Hero

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Here’s a little offer for you, a freebie if you will, and at the end all I’m going to do is ask you to share this post with as many people as possible so they can take advantage of it if they wish.

I’ve put together a package of sheets that can help you evaluate what you want out of life. None of the sheets are specific to blogging or social media, but it’s possible that they might end up being something you put on the sheets. These are sheets for self evaluation, goal setting and dreaming; hey, if you’re not dreaming of things you’re not really living right?

Just right click on this link and save it to your computer. It’s a zip file about 8 MB that you can open and check out when you have time. It even includes a copy of the book The Synergy of Business And Blogging, which most people don’t even notice is over there to the left as a free download. I’m including it here as the only thing talking about blogging because I’m in it. 🙂

If you find any of these things useful, I hope you share some of what you discover about yourself here or on your own blogs. Of course I want you to share this post everywhere you can think of because I’d love a lot of people to take advantage of this free deal. All this and I’m still not ready to collect email addresses; Adrienne’s going to fuss at me. lol

There’s my contribution for the day; now find out what you want and what you’re good at and let’s conquer the world! For good reasons of course. 😉

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13 thoughts on “None Of Us Is Great At Everything”

  1. So none of us is great at everything, and you are particularly not good at things involving a ladder and heights. You have revealed your Achilles heel. LOL. No, seriously, thanks for sharing that. It was great for your wife to be more concerned about your safely. My husband was dressed to shovel the snow in the dark and I told him, oh no, you’re not. I was interested in his safety too. But, I confess, I pushed him out of the house the first thing on the following morning.

    1. LOL! When she’s out of town I’ve been known to shovel very late at night or early morning… like 1 or 2 AM. However, we have a light in the yard and big flood lights on the driveway so I figure I’m pretty much protected, especially since Bigfoot doesn’t like snow and the Yeti is in a different country. lol

      1. Thanks a lot Mitch.
        Your posts are extremely helpful to us
        And we hope they will help us succeed at blogging.
        Enjoy your weekend.

  2. That was entertaining conversation with your wife. I am glad you listened to her. I used to work with this company installing fireplace inserts and we had to go on the roof. I was clinging to everything in sight. I knew that job was not for me.:)

    1. Well Michael… I wasn’t going to listen but it was because I was willing to see if I could overcome my own fears & get it done. Glad that in the end I couldn’t even attempt it. lol

  3. What a inspirational conversation. That was interesting and entertaining conversation with your wife.

  4. What an insightful and enjoyable post. I’m more than willing to admit I’m not only not good at everything, there are some things I downright suck at. Fortunately I’m okay with that because I’d much rather focus on the things I enjoy (even if I have to learn to be good at them) than make myself crazy trying to be a Jill-of-all-trades. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Marquita Herald recently posted..Why We Love to Hate Positive ThinkingMy Profile

    1. Thanks Marquita, and welcome to the blog. There are so many things I’m bad at that in my own way I glory at the things I am good at. That’s why I don’t mind sharing whenever I can, because I know I’m going to go to other places for help when needed.

  5. 🙂 interesting conversation with your wife… enjoyed reading it. inspirational. I like your work, keep it up.

    1. It’s always a horrible experience when you think someone has taken something from you, especially when you’re planning on paying them to do something. At least it all ended up well in the end.

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