New And Unimproved

Well, you never know what will or won’t be a hit, do you?

In testing out my webcam, following up on my first post where the video was way too large for most people, I decided to create a new video. This time I was thinking about a specific topic, that being how there’s been this trend of companies changing up things we liked and “improving” them, only those things often end up seeming to be worse.

I put the video up on Facebook as a lark, and man, I can’t believe the response it got, and still continues to get. Seems it hit a nerve against many of these companies. Well, why keep it to the people on Facebook, I’m thinking. So, here’s the video, much smaller and thus it should be easier for most of y’all to view. Let me know how it works for you, and of course comments on the content are accepted as well.

Update! Of all things, it turns out I have a YouTube account that I supposedly created in 2008. I have no idea why since I didn’t have a webcam at the time. I’m not allowing the videos to be seen there unless people have the link to it specifically, but it’s allowing me to embed code here. Will wonders ever cease!

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19 thoughts on “New And Unimproved”

  1. : ( I couldn’t view it! I wanted to see what the fuss was all about! I guess I Will head over to Facebook to see if I can view it there! On this page it just shows a black box where the video should be. Am I missing a url somewhere?

    1. Are you running an adblocker program of any kind Jasmine? If so, you won’t be able to view the video.

  2. Hey Mitch,

    I think this new and improved versions are just some marketing ploy to bring new customers while not investing too much money. Also many companies cut down their expenses when they got a big number of customers (and after they built a strong brand) by switching to some lower quality products (this seems against nature, but it happens).

    By the way, I see you as wry as you were in the first video, this look really cool!

    1. Thanks Alex; I’m glad you were able to see it. And you might be right; new and improved just might mean cheaper and easier. lol

  3. Mitch,
    Have you considered starting a YouTube channel? I’m thinking about it and it might be a way of generating even more visibility for your blog and other sites.

    1. Iceman, I haven’t even given it a thought. For one, I know I don’t want to deal with the very rude comments I see. For another, I’m not sure that outside of the blog most people would care; I certainly don’t have the production values of some other folks. What it would do, though, is make embedding much easier. I just wish there was another way to learn how to do that on my own.

  4. OMG, I totally agree with you. I tried the *new* Coconut M&Ms and low and behold there was NO REAL COCONUT in them. I felt so betrayed. I think we put up with it because it’s a small change and initially you feel a bit adventurous by trying the *new*. There’s got to be some kind of adrenaline rush going before taking a sample. I think it will be harder for companies to get away with pumping something up that customers feel is not worthy of the label. Thanks to word of mouth recommendations and good old Facebook 😉

    1. It’s been a long time, Monique; glad you gave your opinion on this one. You make an interesting point in our feeling like we’re being adventurous in trying something new; I hadn’t thought about that. However, most of the time I start to cringe whenever I see or hear that; even technology gets messed up sometimes when something you were used to and liked is taken away.

  5. I could not see the video, I bought a new webcam recently too. I have just lost the driver of previous one and the manufacturer is somewhere in China. The quality of mine is really good if the light is good and depending what kind is the color of my clothes.

    1. Carl, I wonder what it is that some people can see the video and some can’t; that’s really weird.

      1. 2nd comment here, I can see the video now and I quite like the quality of your camera. Don’t worry about the voice, it sounds superb. Yeah, I forget to mention, don’t use any plugin to host videos locally. It will destroy your bandwidth. Use YouTube, this will increase your number of views and respectively, you may get top 10 rankings within Google blended results for Youtube video.

      2. Carl, I set my account so no one can see it unless I let them see it. I’m not ready to open my videos on that site to the public; I’d rather use them on my blogs for my own purposes.

  6. I couldn’t see the video either, but your post made me think of the new and improved thing that has been driving me crazy for years. (This will show my age, but I think you’ll be able to relate.) Remember the old bicycle pumps, when they had that little screw-cap? It was either on or off. It was easy, as long as you could unscrew it before all the new air escaped again. Then they replaced it with the flat thing that you’re supposed to flip up or down. Whether I’m pumping up a tire or a basketball, I can never get it to work. New maybe, but where’s the improvement?

    Regarding Monique’s comment about Coconut M&Ms, I hadn’t even heard of them. But I did hear the same thing about the new Pretzel M&Ms. Some things should just be left alone!

    1. Well what the hey? Charles, did the box even come up? And you mean there’s no play button, or you see it but it’s not working? Are you using a blocker of some type on your browser?

      1. It said Missing Plug-in. I’ve seen that message so many times and have never been able to download and install what I needed, so at some point I stopped trying. But this time I downloaded the suggested plug-in and it actually worked (Flip4Mac); now the video is there and I’ve watched it.

      2. Well, that makes me feel a lot better, Charles. I was wondering if any of my videos would ever work. I have to find another way without loading everything onto YouTube; I’ll figure it out.

  7. Hi, Mitch. I can view your video and I it looks great. YOu got a good topic in it as well.

    Most if not all “new and improved” labels are just meant to deceive the target market just to make a sale. I am very cautious about buying anything that says new and improved myself. If only these marketers realise that they are doing more bad than good to their brand, they wouldn’t do what they are doing. Well, most of them only think about the short-term effects of their move and not the long term. They fail to realise that once people get to know that they did not improve on anything in their product at all, then they will not buy it again.

    1. Wes, I’m with you on this one. Rarely has new and improved actually improved anything, and most of us didn’t ask it to be improved. Now, if they were suffering sales and people were griping about it, like Domino’s Pizza, then maybe it’s the way to go. Otherwise, they should just leave stuff alone and stop trying to trap us.

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