My Top Five Affiliate Marketing Sellers

This is kind of a different post for me. I talk often about affiliate marketing, and how I don’t make a lot of money at it. Truth be told, though, I have made some money off some of my affiliate programs. I thought I’d tell you what my top five were; not that I expect anyone here to run out and grab them, but hey, I’m going to share it anyway, and then you can decide what you want to do with it.

By the way, I’m only going to take about affiliate programs, not products, which means I won’t be talking about my book Embrace The Lead, which, over the years, has been my best selling online product. And, when I talk about affiliate programs, I’m not going to say Commission Junction because it’s one of those sites where there are individual affiliate marketing programs that I’ve actually made sales with, and CJ is just the middle man. Just to put the rules out there. And I will be including banner links here; hey, y’all might decide to buy something from one of them. Here we go, in reverse order.

Barnes and Noble is actually the first affiliate program I ever signed up for, as I wanted to add books to my business newsletter. I’ve had people buy a lot of books, mainly because I send people there; otherwise, they’d probably all be going to Amazon looking for deals, at least until they started dropping affiliates all over the place. Now, I don’t make lots of money from each sale of a book, but I make more money with movies and CDs. It’s always about volume, right? has been kind of a boon for me, along with, because when I can’t find a product on a specific affiliate advertiser’s page, usually I can find something comparable on one of these two sites. More items come up through, but I’ve made more money from, especially off this site.

Football Fanatics

Football Fanatics proves to me just how much we love football in this country. This affiliate gets a lot of clicks from the Americans, of course, and makes some sales here and there. I will admit, though, that most of the money I’ve made from this site is from one person in particular, who loves buying these things from my links. Gotta love that.


For my web clients, they’ll often go with a recommendation I make to them for certain things. Hostgator is one of the hosting companies I recommended to some people, along with others, and they bought from me. Hey, that’s pretty neat.

1&1 hosting is my number one affiliate seller of all time. The selling point to my web clients is that it’s the host I’m on, and my being pretty familiar with it makes them feel comfortable with going that route.

So, it seems that if there’s something you specifically do that, maybe, if you gear some of your affiliate products their way you’ll have a good chance to sell some of those things. Maybe Sire can find some milk affiliates to market; now that would be really interesting. 🙂

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    • Hi Shirley,

      I didn’t count Adsense as an affiliate program because, well, my mind sees it as something different. It’s really my biggest earner, though. However, I’m surprised you’re making that much money from Kontera, especially since I seem to make less than 50 cents a month with it.

  • Doug Dillard says:

    There is definitely a lot of money to be made in affiliate marketing if you want to put the effort in… that’s for sure. I have done quite well with HostGator over the years, but have never tried the others you have listed Mitch. I am definitely going to go and check them out. Thanks!
    .-= Doug Dillard´s last blog ..I Used to Be a Dotcom Millionaire, Well at Least On Paper! =-.

    • No problem, Doug. There’s lots of stuff out there, and if I could figure out how to drive more traffic to some of these things, I’d make even more money. You ever check out my little thing there to the right, where I’m holding the parrot? That’s just one thing I’m trying.

    • Actually, I can’t, Jake. Well, that’s not totally true. For the B&N stuff, I drive people there because I write two newsletters for my business, and I always highlight a couple of books or DVDs. That’s where that traffic comes from. For the hosting, I give people options because of my SEO business, then let them decide where to go; I do the same with GoDaddy, by the way. For Football Fanatics, I’m lucky to know some people who actually ask me to find things for them because they know I have a connection. And the,… well, the only place I have those ads is on this blog.

      And there you are.

    • Sire, I certainly wouldn’t be depressed with more and bigger sales, that’s for sure. I still figure there’s a legit market out there for many of these things, I only have to find those folks in some fashion.

  • Thanks for sharing the list, i’ve only used CJ uptil now
    .-= Andre Ocean´s last blog ..LeadPile Ranks #3 Advertising and Marketing Company on the 2009 Inc. 5000 =-.

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