My Top 5 Firefox Add-Ons

Suffice it to say, Firefox is my favorite browser. True, there are times when stuff acts up and I’m a little irked. Then again, what works perfectly all the time, right?

The best thing I love about Firefox is how you can customize it to do so many things for you. You can set it up to track stuff for you. You can set it up to connect with social media sites. You can set it up so you can change both the look of the browser and certain websites you visit. There’s just so much, thousands of things, that I decided to mention my top 5 here. One quick warning, though. Like people tell you with your blog, the more add-ons you activate, the slower your browser might run. If you have enough RAM, or run fewer than 15 add-ons, you’re probably good.

1. Adblock Plus – this is probably their most popular add-on, and with good reason. It blocks all types of ads, which is a great thing. Of course it’s not perfect. For instance, it blocks pop-up ads on news websites, but it can’t block those “subscribe” pop-ins you see on some blogs. It blocks Google Adsense ads unless you decide you want to see them. Since I visit lots of blogs sometimes I want to see what people are doing in case I want to try something. This one is a must have.

2. Stylish – I wrote about Stylish two years ago on this blog, so I’m not going to say much about it again except to say that right now what you see below is what my Wikipedia page looks like:

3. Rank Checker – This is a good plugin if you want to see where your website or other websites rank for search terms on the search engines Google, Yahoo or Bing. It’s great because you can add multiple search terms for one website and you can add multiple websites into one search as wel.

4. Greasemonkey – I’ve mentioned Greasemonkey before, but haven’t written a post about it so I’ll talk about it again here. This one lets you add code that other people have created that allows you to do things on websites that they might not want you to do. For instance, I can download any YouTube video I want to via a script I found. Also, many ads on Facebook are blocked, and many images will automatically pop up larger. It’s a great compliment to Stylish.

5. MultirowBookmarksToolbar – I don’t know why they didn’t separate the words, but I love this one as well. I had a lot of bookmarks, yet I only had the one row. That meant I had to keep clicking on this little arrow that was hard to see so I could see all the bookmarks that I wanted easier access to. With this addon it created 3 toolbar rows, though on the last one I only had 5 bookmarks and decided to trim a few out to get it down to 2 rows. Of course it works best if you have a monitor that has a lot of real estate, and since I have a 22″ widescreen it’s perfect.

And there you are. If you’re using Firefox do you have any favorites?

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26 thoughts on “My Top 5 Firefox Add-Ons”

  1. Does Firefox have a Flash blocker plugin? I use it on Chrome and I can’t live with it. Flash is the #1 cause of crashes for browsers, so it’s very nice to have some control on when you want to use it or not. You can also whitelist websites – like Youtube or Vimeo – if you really want to.

    1. I have to admit that I don’t know, Gabriele. I’ve never even thought about it. And you can whitelist sites via the browser, so one wouldn’t need an add-on for that purpose.

  2. It never occurs to me to fiddle with my browsers, Mitch, but now that I see some of what’s possible, I’ll definitely give it more thought. I especially like number 5, because if I don’t see what’s bookmarked in the bar I’ll probably forget it’s there.

    1. That was kind of my issue, Charles. I used a lot of stuff but sometimes I’d forget it was there.

  3. I agree with you that Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browser out there today, it loads faster and there are a lot of useful plug-ins for bloggers, and thanks to you I have found a couple more to check out!!!

    Patrick Simpson

  4. Hi Mitch

    I use Firefox and like the addons. The multiple bookmarks is one I should try as I do bookmark a lot of posts and you are right; would be easier to see them all with this plugin.

    Thanks for sharing Mitch. Appreciated.

  5. I guess it depends on personal preferences and work. Mine are a bit different. Number one SEO Quake, the best SEO tool, it is so powerful and easily can replace expensive SEO software. Number 2 – Web Developer a great tool for web development on fingertips. Numer 3 Auto Form Fills, very good one, save a lot of time. Collorzilla – good color picker. MeasureIt, check the sizes of anything on web page. And the last one Yslow, measure the speed of website and give suggestions for improvement.

    1. Carl, I also have SEO Quake as well as a couple other things but I don’t use them all that often. I’m curious about the auto form fill, though; do you trust the safety of all your information by using it?

      1. This is a good question, honestly not. However, I am using it to automate link building process and information is not really critical.

  6. Hi Mitch,
    I always use Firefox. I haven’t given much attention to the addons you mentioned, but I sure would like to try out the last one – MultirowBookmarksToolbar (Sure is a long word, LOL 😀 )

  7. Hey Mitch,

    I like your wiki style :).

    I use autofillforms to fill some of my usual form fields (like name, email,url on blogs) with a press of a button. It may seem odd but it saves a lot of time.

    I also have different bookmarking website addons, to many to list here :).

    Feedly – which is one of my favorites! It’s an online rss reader.
    Download helper, this nifty can help you download movies, swfs and practically all kinds of media (except images) from any websites.

    And of course I have a plethora of seo addons like SEO4firefox, SeoQuake and some little others.

    And my favorite is firebug with Yslow in it.

    1. Alex, I also have download helper, but I forget to use it. lol I have to ask what Yslow is.

      1. It’s an add-on that tells you how to optimize your page loading speed. Here is a description from the add-on itself
        YSlow gives you:

        * Grade based on the performance of the page (you can define your own ruleset)
        * Summary of the page components
        * Chart with statistics
        * Tools for analyzing performance, including™ and JSLint

    1. Carolee, I didn’t think you were on Firefox, but if you are, they’re pretty cool.

  8. You mean from me, Dennis? My last post was on SEO & social media. Or you mean Sire’s post, talking about plugins for WP I believe? And of course there you are, clearing things out and starting anew; what a pattern you have! lol

  9. I’ve never used Firefox, but what you’ve described is kind of cool. I use Safari unless I’m at work and the nave to deal with that dreadful IE. I have a ton of bookmarks…maybe this Firefox thing could help.

    1. Jessica, are you on a Mac? I don’t know if Firefox has a browser for them, but if they do, you’ll have the customization.

    1. Rob, I have to admit that I like some of the things Greasemonkey allows me to do, though I’ve also worried about it because every once in awhile someone else’s coding isn’t great.

  10. I also use Firefox and I like most of its plugins. When using this tool it could improve your speed bookmarking some of your favorite sites and blogs.

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