My NCAA Tournament Picks

My favorite college basketball team, the Syracuse University Orange, is back in the NCAA tournament after a two year absence, which shouldn’t have happened to begin with but I’m going to let bygones be bygones only because the team got some real love this time from the tournament committee by awarding Syracuse the #3 seed in the South Regional, after a phenomenal run in the Big East tournament last weekend.

Since my team is back in, this is once again my favorite time of the year. I have picked my bracket, although, since I work alone and I don’t have a crew to “play with’, my bracket is only for myself, but I’m sharing parts of it here. And I’m an unabashed fan, so I’ll tell you now that I’ve picked my team to win it all. I figure that if I don’t believe in my team, then why should I expect anyone else to believe in my team. The other side of this is, when Syracuse has played well this year, they’ve been able to beat anyone, and when they had their one bad period this year, two of the major players had injuries. So, they’re easily as capable as any other team to go all the way.

Since President Obama has given his top eight picks, including picking North Carolina to beat Syracuse to make it into the final four (well, no one’s perfect), I’m going to give mine. If you don’t follow basketball, this isn’t for you, so stop reading now. If you do, and of course you want to debate it, I’m ready for a great sports conversation.

Here we are:

Midwest Regional – Louisville and Michigan St.

West Regional – Connecticut and Missouri

East Regional – Xavier and Duke

South Regional – North Carolina and Syracuse

Final Four – Louisville, Connecticut, Duke, Syracuse

Championship Game – Louisville and Syracuse

Champs – Syracuse!!! Go Orange!!!

That’s the easy part. Let me explain my final four. First, Louisville is the hottest team in basketball right now, with a press and enough players to wear almost anyone down in the second half who’s not used to it. The only team in their bracket who’s seen that kind of pressure is West Virginia, and I have them losing to Michigan State. No matter; Louisville won’t lose this game.

Next, Connecticut not only has a pretty deep team, but they have a 7’3″ monster in the middle that very few teams know how to play against. It took Syracuse six overtimes to knock them out of the Big East Tournament, and that was finally after Thabeet fouled out. I have Memphis losing to Missouri, which is a good thing because I think Missouri is the only team that would have a legitimate shot at knocking off Connecticut in the regional finals; just not gonna happen, though.

Duke won the ACC tournament, which means they’re on a roll, as usual, at the right time of the year. Pittsburgh is the heavy favorite here, but they seem to run as well as Blair stays out of foul trouble; I give it the first two games, and they tank in the final sixteen against Xavier. Duke beats Xavier if they make it to the regional final, but they’ll have to see if they can stop Villanova, which can put points up on almost anyone. I think Duke plays enough defense to do it, but if they don’t, Villanova and Xavier could be fun to watch.

Syracuse wins; enough said. 🙂

Let the games begin, but at least my picks are out there, so no one can say I didn’t have the guts to make these predictions ahead of time. And if you happen to like Syracuse, and you see all those links above (no lines, but the colors), click on some; you might like what you see. 😉

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    • That’s if Pitt gets there, which I’m just not sure they’re mentally capable of doing. The pressure is on them to get past the second round for the first time in “forever”, and if they get past that one, I’m not sure they won’t let down against Xavier, who I think will beat them.

  • Mitch,

    Good on you for showing a little confidence in your team!

    I hope that your players don’t let you down and that Syracuse goes all the way.

    Go Syracuse!

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  • Boyz II Men says:

    Nice! Glad to see your pics and it’s great to see obama making some too haha.

    Unfortunately, my picks are largely based on external forces so I don’t know how well I’ll do. For instance, I had Binghamton beating Duke because my brother goes there. Yea, that didn’t really go well.

    But in the end, my final four is:

    Wake Forest: I’ve been a loyal fan since Tim Duncan’s days. I’m hoping they’ll find some magic and bring it back!

    Connecticut: I’ll be moving there in the summer so I want to see a win!

    Villanova: Honestly, I just love their name. I have no idea how good they are but their name strikes fear into the hearts of the common man.

    Gonzaga: These guys are beasts. Actually, I have no idea but they’ve got the cool name thing going and I feel like they’re always overlooked by EVERYONE.

    In the end, UConn over Gonzaga in the finals.

    You heard it here first!

    • You picked Binghamton against Duke; I’m betting there wasn’t a single person at Binghamton who picked Binghamton! lol

      Now, oddly enough, the two teams you’ve picked for the finals would be an intriguing matchup, and it’s quite plausible. Not bad at all.

      • Boyz II Men says:

        Hah, well, my brother is at Binghamton and he picked it with me. I just wanted to represent for my brother… didn’t work.

        Likewise, looks like Boston College is getting pistol whipped and I put them to the elite eight. Guess I’ve gone too far being a loyalist for teams haha.

        How are you performing in your brackets?

      • Well, we’re doing something different this year. Pick two teams from each region, then two wildcards, and we earn weighted points when those teams win. So far, not a single loss for me.

    • I don’t know, now. Duke was the only team in the East Regional who actually looked like they knew how to play basketball the other day. That’s the knock on Pitt once again, which is why I think Pitt will be done after the final 16. Duke just seems to be getting stronger; you’ll see. But, of course, ‘Cuse all the way!

      Cleveland St; no one’s laughing at us for that heave at the buzzer now, are they? You know, I’ve still never seen it, and I don’t want to either.

  • Well since my teams are out of it (Ohio State, Cleveland State), I guess I’ll just root for Ohio University–oh, wait a minute, they didn’t make the tournament did they? The MAC doesn’t count for much when it comes to the big dance.

    Seriously, after this weekend I’m seriously looking at Connecticut and Memphis.

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    • Every team I picked is still in it, so I’m feeling pretty smug so far. And Syracuse has looked the best of every team that’s played so far, so that makes me feel pretty good also. But it gets tougher from here.

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