I wrote my first book in 2003. I wrote my first ebook in 2008. I’ve had lots of people read my first book, and only got a few testimonials. I haven’t had as many people read the ebook, but those that did gave me a testimonial I could use.

Well, now I feel as though I’ve arrived; I finally got my first real review! Our buddy Sire reviewed my ebook Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool, which is in the top spot there on the left. I really appreciate it, and I have nothing else to say except thanks to him.

You know, I’ve reviewed some books here and there myself, and not on this blog. Just like what I did with Sire, other people have sent me things that I’ve reviewed. I want to kind of return the favor that Sire’s given me, so I’d like to show and link to those things I’ve reviewed overall, whether it was a book or not, to share some love.

First, there’s a motivational movie called The Opus that was kind of a follow up to the movie The Secret, which I reviewed here.

Next, there was a book on leadership called Wisdom of the Flying Pig that was sent to me, along with a stuffed pig with wings; talk about a way to market something.

This one wasn’t quite a real review, but I talked about the movie Happy Feet because I found a way it correlated with leadership principles, while also loving the movie as much as any movie I’ve ever seen. By the way, I’m still kind of freaked out that Brittany Murphy is deceased at such a young age, and as she was one of the primary singers in this movie, I thought I’d share this scene, which is kind of long but I think it’s just great stuff:

I received another book in the mail that I read and reviewed as well, this time on credit cards. The book is called The Skinny On… Credit Cards, and I interviewed it for my finance blog.

The final thing I’ve reviewed like this is the Harry Potter series, which I love so much that over the past couple of weeks, for whatever reason, I keep watching all of these movies over and over. Yeah, I’m a grown man, and yet I can hardly wait for the final two movies. This isn’t a kid’s story at this point, and if the movies can come somewhat close to how the last book went they’ll be the biggest thing this summer and next summer. By the way, I read the stupidest review of the books and series I’ve ever seen. One of the things the writer complained about is that the stories were “so British”; uhhh, the setting happens to be in Britain after all!

Oh yeah, I also reviewed the Risley ebook Six Figure Blueprint a few days ago as well, but I figured y’all probably remembered that one.

And there you go. Of course we all know why I’m putting a Harry Potter product at the bottom now, right? 🙂

Harry Potter Book Set
Price – $195.00