My Favorite Eighteen Blog Posts Of 2008

It’s nearing the end of the year, and many bloggers will be going back through their content and trying to identify their favorite blog posts for the year. I’m no different in this regard, though some of you might equate it with a post I wrote about Stuff You Probably Missed; nope, this is a true year end post. The one difference might be that I have so many posts for the year that I’m violating one of my own usually internal rules, that being that I’m not ending my number with a “0” or “5”. I decided that I had eighteen blog posts that I particularly liked that I wrote, and therefore I’m going to list all eighteen of them. I also decided to spell out “eighteen”, though I can’t really tell you why.

Now, along with these eighteen, I want to list the top five blog posts of mine that got the most page views, that I wrote, and this time I’m adding that bit because the blog post with the most views was the guest post on Squidoo. I’m sure that didn’t hurt Jerry Low’s feelings at all, and it trumped anything I wrote with 337 page views; ouch!

But that’s okay. First, I’m going to list four of the top five blog posts as far as views are concerned. The reason I’m not mentioning all of them is because, as it turns out, the blog post with the most views is in my top eighteen; I’ll mention it when we get there. Anyway, here are the next four top viewed posts:

Another Rant On Internet Taxes – 158

Dofollow/Page Rank Discussion – 140

A Point About Commenting On Blogs – 133

The Dance Off – 133

And now, my favorite eighteen blog posts of 2008, in date order:

Watch Out For Secret Shopper Scams, based on my wife’s friend trying to find work as a secret shopper.

How Far Are You Willing To Go For Promotion, talking about the way people get attention and how far they’ll go for it.

Do You Avoid Scams, talking about how people see things that seem too good to be true, and whether most people fall for them or not.

Blogging Step One – What To Write About, was actually the second post of my blogging series, and probably the most important one.

How Big Are You Ready For was based on reading a blog where the writer talked about how much it cost him when his blog took off and suddenly had lots of visitors.

Let’s Talk Offline Marketing detailed some help I tried to give someone who was having problems getting her business noticed.

Why Don’t More People Comment On Blogs was basically a lament I had based on multiple conversations I’ve had with friends of mine concerning my blog and theirs.

The Computer Guy was probably my first really fun and long post, detailing my encounter with a real throwback computer geek and repairman.

Be Responsible For Your Own Life was my most visited post of my first year, with 198 views. It was a rant based on some help I was trying to give a friend of mine who didn’t seem to be owning up to her own responsibilities.

Credibility, Article Writing and Marketing Products was an article where I talked about trying to market products while staying credible in the eyes of others.

Can You Stomach Sales asked the question of just how far you would go in making sales and possibly irritating others.

What Will You Do To Get More Traffic discussed methods people, including myself, to entice more people to visit their websites.

Blog Action Day – Poverty was probably the most important article I wrote all year, and I was disappointed that it didn’t get more views or comments. I actually wrote two posts, one on this blog and the other on my business blog on the same day.

Book Writing Series, Part Six – Publishing Your Book, was probably the best article of both of my series, and the title speaks for itself.

Planning For Building A Commerce Website was not only my tale of wasting my time with a “potential” client, but also gave some tips on things to think about if one is looking to build a website to market products from.

World Diabetes Day – My Story was probably my most personal article of the year, about when I learned that I was diabetic. It also got fewer views and comments than I thought it deserved.

What’s Your Market talked about the types of people I hope would visit my blog; if you didn’t read it, you’ll be somewhat surprised on some of them.

How To Be A Prolific Writer was actually the inspiration for my book writing series, and it was prompted by a couple of people asking me how I was able to write so many blogs posts.

And there you go, my top eighteen posts of 2008, and if this is my final blog post of the year, since I have a lot to do in the next few days, I hope I’m leaving on a good note. Everyone have a wonderful New Years holiday, and I wish you all great success in 2009.

An addendum. I can’t believe I forgot one post in particular, where I gave my opinion on what I consider are the Top 5 Presentations In History. I really liked this one, and felt it deserved more attention and comment also. Guess that means I’m up to nineteen now, which pulls me back into a tie with my business blog. 😀

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14 comments on “My Favorite Eighteen Blog Posts Of 2008

  • Make Money Online says:

    Hey there Mitch,

    Happy new year in 2009 to you! This year I am gonna try and stay on top of your commentator list for the WHOLE YEAR! Haha..


    • Thanks Ben, and Happy New Year to you also. If you can stay on top for the year, with Dennis and Sire in the mix, you’ll pull off a major upset. 🙂

  • hey Mitch,
    I’m glad to see that one of my favorite posts of yours, How To Be A Prolific Writer, made your list… but just barely! 🙂 I really liked it because it gives very good and straightforward advice, and more importantly, is written by a person who obviously does what he says (you are prolific!).
    I can’t wait to see what 2009 brings.
    ~ Steve, aka the trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..How to Discipline your Children – A Better Way

    • Thanks Steve, and a wonderful year to you. Heck, I’m expecting you to match my output this year!

  • hey Mitch,
    If there’s one thing I learned about setting goals, it’s to make them attainable. I did 25 posts last year (last quarter of the year actually), and I’m shooting for 75 this year so that I hit 100 overall. I think you did 300 posts last year? That’s about 4 years worth for me! 🙂
    Steve, aka the not-as-prolific-as-Mitch trade show guru 😉

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..How to Discipline your Children – A Better Way

    • Steve, I don’t think I’ll be putting out another 300 posts this year, but one never knows, right? And I think your goal is reasonable, based on history, and as long as there’s a chance it can be reached, good for you.

  • bbrian017 says:

    Great list of articles you got here Mitch! It’s going to take sometime to read them all but I[‘ll give it a try.

    Thanks for sharing them!

    bbrian017´s last blog post..Probloggers Emergency Kit

  • I tell you, the spam software these guys use is pretty good, although we hate both them and the users.

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