My bet is that most people don’t go back to look at what they’ve written before. Not that I think many people repeat themselves, but what I do believe is that not enough people bring to the forefront posts they’ve written before, mainly to give your newer visitors some insight into what you’re previously written, and of course for its SEO benefits.

Why don’t I think people go back? How many people ever went back to read a paper you wrote in school, no matter what the grade was? In our minds, even if it was enjoyable, we did it and now it’s time to move on.

However, blogging is a somewhat different prospect. You never know what people are going to read when they visit your blog, and I know that every once in awhile I’m shocked to see a comment on an old post. I love it, though, but sometimes I have to go back and read what I said so I can respond to the comment in the proper way.

I do this type of thing on a regular basis, but every year I like to put together a compilation of posts based on some criteria to bring some of those older posts back to life. It would be nice if I’d gotten to a nice round number like 10, but it just wasn’t happening. My time criteria is based on the same kind of thing that Billboard Magazine used to do back in the 70’s. When they’d do their best of the year, they went from the previous December through November of the current year. This is what I’ve done.

My criteria for my favorite posts was, well, just how I personally felt about some of what I’d written and what I considered as either my best writing or my most important posts. I had to go through 277 posts to end up with these 14, and what I found interesting is that I didn’t find myself having at least one post a month that I thought was one of my best.

Anyway, here’s the list, along with something brief about each post, and I hope you check them out; if not, hey, I’ll just accept my own SEO benefits and move on. 🙂

December 2010

5 Things Bloggers Can Learn From Poker – For some reason I always like my posts that compare blogging to something. I had a post last year that totally compared blogging and poker, but this time around I talked about the types of things bloggers could learn instead.


What Is High Quality Content? – I wrote this post because I was tired of visiting blogs that tell people how to get more visitors or how to get more comments and the like and have this as one of their points because none of them ever say just what they believe high quality content it. I did.


Are You Waiting For Someone Else To Make You A Success? – I was inspired to write this because it seems so many people are hoping for an A-lister to notice them to help make them famous, to the extent that they’ll do almost anything to get that attention except be themselves.

Better Blogging, Part One
Better Blogging, Part Deux – This was my long 2-part series on blogging, offering blogging tips and processes, mainly to new people.

Are You Ready For Controversial? – I wrote this after reading another person saying not to be afraid to write controversial topics, yet not mentioning how people need to prepare themselves for possible backlash.


Why It’s Hard To Trust People – I wrote this as a follow up to a previous story on why we don’t trust sales people, and talked about the concept of “trust” in general.


Blogging Responsibly, Part 2 – Though this was an addendum to a post I originally wrote in 2009, I was inspired to write this after reading how some people were going through some interesting times based on things they’d written and how some weren’t quite reacting well to it; see that post about “controversial” above.


21 Of The Top Black Social Media Influencers – In my opinion this was an important post because based on so many lists I’d seen, black people weren’t being considered by almost anyone as having any significance online. I thought it was important to do it, even if I used criteria that I now don’t trust, and what I found interesting is that some of the people on the list ended up not caring that they were on the list at all; you can’t force people into accepting praise, right?

5 Ways Your Blog Might Be Irritating People, Part 2 – This was a follow up to a guest post I actually wrote on Ileane’s blog because I actually had 9 specific ideas in my mind for the original topic, but that first article went kind of long on its own.

June 12th, The Internet And A Video – This was actually more of a video blog, one I thought was my best video even now, talking about the milestone of the day and the dangers of people believing that freedom of speech actually allows them to be and do whatever they want to do without consequences.


The Lament Of An Old Black Radical – This was a really personal post on how it seems like things people fought for and griped about when I was younger aren’t cared about anymore, even if some of the same negative things continue to this day.

What If Your Dreams Came True – I was inspired to write this question because of a movie and an interview I’d listened to, and I think it’s an important question many people don’t ever think about asking themselves.


Making Money By Blogging? Let’s Talk – The last post of November, I thought it was time to talk honestly about how hard it is to make money online and how it might not manifest itself the way people might think.

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