Muppet Monday

I’ve been on kind of a serious kick and decided it was time to cheer things up for a little bit. As you know, I’ve talked about my love affair for the Muppets often enough around here. I have a bunch of Muppets videos all over the blog; one day I’m going to create a page where I’ve got all my videos, including the Muppets. In the meantime, I want to share these six with you, which I love.

Julie Andrews, Lonely Goatherd (Okay, I love Sound of Music also)

Raquel Welch; she still looks great!

Linda Ronstadt singing one of my favorite songs ever, and supposedly she said she never sung the song better than for this show.

Pearl Bailey, bad jousting scene from Camelot. Pearl was actually a U.S. Ambassador when she decided to do this particular show, and in the movie Carmen Jones, was the only actor in the movie who actually sang her own part.

Rita Moreno, the first person to ever win an Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy.

Opening song from the movie Muppets From Space, as they perform Brick House

And that’s that; back to other topics next time.

Muppets From Space

Price – $9.84

17 thoughts on “Muppet Monday”

    1. And that’s why I keep beating you in chess, Sire, because you’re not a Muppet fan; old man! lol

      And I’m surprised you’re not slapping yourself for the “pork Piggy” thing; oh my! Actually, she’s my least favorite character of all, but I guess they needed someone like that for balance.

    1. Actually, it was; I laughed when reading it, as it was almost a Muppet kind of statement. And from a guy who said he didn’t like them, you sure seem to understand their humor pretty well.

  1. Fond memories of my childhood. Have you been to see Avenue Q Mitch (if yes, what did you think of it)?

    I like dropping in here Mitch, you never know what you are going to find! 🙂

    1. Thanks Karl. No, I’ve never seen Avenue Q, though I know all the music. I want to kick myself because when I was working in NYC back in 2007, it was being performed right across the street from Cold Stone Creamery, where I was going at least twice a week for ice cream, but I didn’t know about the show at the time.

      1. I see it here when I was working in Central London. I had one upset daughter who couldn’t understand why she couldn’t come to the show. 🙂

  2. I love the muppets. My friends and I have gone on muppet show viewing sprees. I wish I hadn’t lost my copy of the original muppet movie.

    1. Oh man, that would be tragic. Course, my problem is that I have it on VHS, and now I have to buy it in DVD one of these days. What a classic!

  3. I love the Muppets! My daughter said she got me something I was going to love for Christmas and I guessed the Muppets. It was actually 2 seasons of Fraggle Rock. Works for me since that’s my text message ringtone [it was free]. 🙂
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..Random Nothingness =-.

      1. I remember watching them every week with my family. The Muppets rank up there with Carol Burnett for best family time memories in front of the tv. Always good for a smile.

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