In my ever continuing quest to bring some of my older posts back to light, posts that I believe deserve another read, or posts that I wrote before more people started coming by, I’d like to highlights eleven posts from my past that I haven’t highlighted before. Some of these are videos, which always provides a nice little diversion, but some meant a lot to me so I want to highlight those also. Anyway, here we go:

In this post titled Know Your Charge-Off Amounts, I talked about the importance of checking your credit reports before agreeing to payment options presented by collection agencies if you ever have to deal with them.

Stout Hearted Men is a video from the TV Show The Wonder Years, where the main character has joined a school glee club that’s terrible except for one guy, and how it all comes crashing down the hight of the main performance. When I first saw this one live I laughed so hard I was crying; you will also.

When I wrote Why Do You Write Your Blog, I had been reading a lot of blogs where people were saying the same thing, and the writing was so bland and clinical that I felt absolutely nothing from reading it. I’m of the opinion that if all you’re going to do with your blog is write textbooks, become a teacher. Who doesn’t like a little life in the blogs they read?

Can A Niche Be Too Defined came after I was seeing a high number of blogs defined as WAHM (work at home moms), and wondered if, along with other niches, that was so defined as to basically tell some people “this blog isn’t for you to be reading”.

Part five of my blogging series, How Often To Post, was the next step in talking about how frequent people should be blogging, and I notice it’s still a controversial topic even today.

Emoticon Suicide is another video that’s just funny, and it’s one that I keep going back to myself to watch over and over. If this doesn’t make you laugh, you have no sense of humor.

I wrote this post, The Importance Of Blogrolls, after visiting one blog in particular, where the writer basically stated that he felt it was a waste of time and valuable sidebar space to partake in something that’s as old as the concept of blogs themselves are.

I had been on a major jag when I wrote Do People Ever Check Out Your About Page, and wondered if anyone else ever did this; seems many people did.

Part four of my book writing series, Telling A Story, was one of my favorite posts, because, out of all the parts I wrote, I felt this one addressed creativity the best.

Some Diabetes Information came very early on this blog, as I’m diabetic and was in the early months of giving myself insulin injections.

World Diabetes Day – My Story, was my contribution to trying to bring the rage of diabetes to light by telling how I found out I was diabetic, and how I felt at the time. One of my most personal posts that, for whatever reason, didn’t seem to resonate with anyone else. I often wonder if, when one decides to show personal feelings in this manner, if people just aren’t comfortable enough to deal with it themselves. so they avoid it.

And there you go. Are these types of posts self serving? Probably; but they also help with internal linking, and, hopefully, bring some neglected posts back to light, hopefully, that someone else might want to visit.

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