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Three weeks ago I posted my first set of free ebooks on affiliate marketing. Today I’d like to post the second set of books, but with a small twist. Instead of downloading the books from this site via pdf, I’m giving you a link to the free downloads from Clickbank, where I got them myself.

There’s also something a little different this time around. The majority of these books give you tips on how to use forums to market your products. Yeah, I know, forums aren’t really supposed to be for that, but in my mind, the tips you can get from these books can be used in other ways, such as in blogs.

And, here’s the disclaimer, because, if nothing else, y’all know I like to try to be as upfront as possible. When you go to get these books, you will see offers for other stuff. Hey, that’s a part of what marketing is all about. However, you don’t have to buy any of that stuff if you don’t want to, although you very well may see something you’re interested in. After all, that’s a part of why people create free stuff in the first place, right?

Okay, here we go with the free books:

101 SuperTips

Ad Tracking SuperTips

Forum Marketing SuperTips

Forum Owner SuperTips

Viral Marketing SuperTips

And there you go. Lots more to come, I can assure you. And yes, I’ve read all of these that I’m sharing with you. I won’t lie and say I’ve put everything into practice, but at least I’ve read it all.

20 Ways To Make
$100 A Day Online

by Willie Crawford

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  • i LOVE free things! Thanks friend. I’m going to be spending some significant time figuring out this whole affiliate marketing thing soon, so it’s nice to have info from a bloggin friend!

    • Brandon, I’m going to make sure to take care of you and everyone else as much as I can. I want us all to be rich!

      • By the way, Brandon, I’m confused; just how many people are working and writing for your site? Who’s Horace?

  • Yeey freebies! Thanks for sharing the links.

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      • I have to agree with Salwa, I will certainly check these out and give them each a try they all look really helpful e-books.

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