I’ve done a review of my goals on my other two blogs, so now it’s time to do a review on this one for my 2009 online goals of the year. I always believe that everyone should establish some kind of goals for almost everything they do, so they at least know where they want to goal. I put mine out in the public to, hopefully, spur me on to bigger and better things. Whether I hit them or not, at least I always know what they are.

First, let’s look at what I said my goals for 2009 are:

1. Earn at least $2,500 online.

2. Revamp my Services &Stuff site.

3. Work my way up to 500 subscribers to my blog.

4. Determine at least three series to write on this year.

5. Get into Technorati’s top 60,000.

For my first goal, I’m not quite on that pace. However, I’ve already made more money online in 2009 than i did in 2008, so that’s pretty good already. I’m on a pace that will put me around 55% of the above total, although with some more months like this one, or better than this one, you never know.

For my second goal, I’ve done almost nothing. I don’t know what I’d want to change it to. I did change a few things, such as adding specific product pages for some of my affiliates, like I did with Things You Never Knew Existed, which is pretty neat, and I’ve made it a goal to stay as consistent as I can with my sales page, which you see linked here normally next to the image of me holding the parrot. After adding that page here, the visits to that page increased, though no sales as yet.

For my third goal, well, by now many of you know about my infamous contest to increase my RSS subscribers. It didn’t do well, but the number did increase. And, so far this year, I actually had on one day 94 subscribers, which is my highest number, but for the most part, my subscriber base is sticking around 80, which is still about 30 people higher than it was at the beginning of the year.

For my fourth goal, well, I don’t think I’ve quite done that one yet. However, I’ve written a lot about Twitter, and I’m thinking about making that a series of its own. I’ve also talked more about writing this year, even though it’s been a different kind of writing than what I addressed in my original writing series, but writing is writing, so some of those posts will end up at the top also. I did add the SEO series, though.

And for my fifth goal,… well, I have to give props to Sire on this one. I made it as high as 81,000 or so, but then it started going backwards. He told me that it only charts things for six months, and at that point if your traffic and people who subscribe to you on Technorati doesn’t keep increasing, it ignores who’s already there and starts ranking you differently. That’s happened to me, so now I’m around 130,000 and probably sliding fast. I’d still like to get it to increase, but it’s not going to be a primary goal of mine as I move forward.

Anyway, those were my goals, and you can see where I am with them. There’s still five months to go, which is a long time, so let’s see how I fare. Anyone else care to share how they’re doing with their goals?

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