Memorial Day, The News And Social Media

Even though I usually have a post on this blog every Monday, it turns out to be six years since I wrote anything related to Memorial Day, and even that post I had go live on a Sunday; that’s a shame!

Mom and Dad
Mom & Dad

For those who aren’t familiar with this particular American holiday, it’s always the last Monday of May and it’s a day dedicated to the memory of those who’ve given their lives in service to this country. It actually started out as a way to honor Union troops after the Civil War, then the Confederates got into it, and finally it became an overall holiday for all American troops in 1971.

The amazing thing about the Mitchell side of the family is that, though a lot of my relatives went into the service, not a single one ever lost his life though, to be fair, only 2 of my relatives were ever in war. That would be a cousin of mine who was in Vietnam and of course my dad, who was in both Korea and Vietnam.

You know, I’m one of those people who tends to believe that there are some things where everyone “has to” agree on the premise of something and the reason to honor someone. Memorial Day is one of those days because, in my opinion, without those people giving up their lives we wouldn’t have the life we have today. Sure, everything’s not perfect, but I can honestly say that I can’t think of another place I’d want to live in this world and I’m proud to be an American… and I’d hope others would be proud of living where they live.

Yet, because this country perceives itself to be free and diverse, we have people who go out of their way to go against the grain and either make trouble or say things that, in my opinion, are disrespectful. This past weekend’s new about memorial crosses damaged in 3 states is a perfect example of people going above and beyond protocol to be disruptive and show a major lack of class.

Not only that, but I’ve read commentary in some places where some people are saying that anyone who gives their life for this country got what they deserved… are you kidding me? To be against war is one thing; to say that people deserved what they got for protecting their country, especially these days with terrorism… unconscionable!

Luckily for me, it seems that 97% of the populace seems to be ready to honor our soldiers the way they deserve, and I can live with that. One of those things I try to tell people about social media is that it draws all types, but we need to figure out how to only absorb the good and try to get away from the bad as quickly as possible. It’s one reason I’ve sculpted my Facebook page to the degree I have and why I’ve been working on doing the same with LinkedIn lately.

I’m of two opinions when it comes to social media and free speech.

The first is that you can have free speech if you’re willing to deal with the consequences.

The second is that just because someone has the right to free speech doesn’t mean I have to listen to it, let alone have them in my life.

We all get to make choices in our life that will either positively impact us or negatively impact others. In the United States, we got those choices because a great many of soldiers, some willingly, others unwillingly, gave their lives on the battlefield so we can enjoy a lot of the liberties we probably take for granted.

If you know me or have read this blog or my business blog you know that I fully feel that this country isn’t always fair and equal, especially when it comes to minorities. But everyone’s equal in a military cemetery; it’s not something I’ve ever looked forward to but it explains why I feel those men and women deserve being honored no matter what.

This is my tribute to those brave soldiers of all wars the United States has participated in. Thank you for your service.

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day, The News And Social Media”

  1. Not just U.S. isn’t always fair and equal, many things in this world are not always fair and equal. The only thing equal is everyone has 24 hours a day.

    1. I’ll give you equal on that one and it’s certainly not fair sometimes. lol I knew other countries deal with the same type of thing but it’s not necessarily racial in all places like it is here.

  2. Hi Mitch,

    What a beautiful post you have written. I feel the same as you my friend. No matter what, on this day, we have to honor those who have fought for our freedom.

    My Grandfather came to this country a few months shy of WWI and when it broke out, he was the first to join the army. I remember as a child his picture with his purple heart on it displayed proudly in the living room. His 5 sons all fought in WWII. Some were injured, but I learned from my own family history to honor those who stood up for our country.

    Our vets are important and need to be honored. The kids now I see in uniform I thank all the time.

    I know what some are trying to do to step on this day, but I ignore them. I wore my red, white and blue shoes…I posted them proudly on Facebook lol. Didn’t get many likes, but hey, that is who I am.

    I am proud to be an American and will always stand up for this beautiful country. Yea…it isn’t perfect, but what is?


    1. Thanks for the kind words and sentiment Donna. I have some friends who think I take some things a bit too seriously but being the child of someone who was actually in a couple of wars, I would see things much differently than many others would I suppose. Seeing what people with no real clue on what they’re talking about say things that are insulting irks me to no end, and the saving grace about social media and being online is being able to turn those people off in many different ways, as well as realizing that at some point they’ll get theirs and have their stupidity shown to them.

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