Today I thought I’d highlight one of my niche sites, the type that many people talk about when they say that it’s another way for us to make money online. Oddly enough, I was just online listening to Lynn Terry’s weekly seminar, and she was saying how she stopped telling people about her niche sites and where they were and what they were because people would go by and copy exactly what she had as their own. Well, I’m thinking that, with this niche, there could only be so much copying, and if someone decides to steal the layout and colors; more power to you.

Anyway, this particular niche site is called Medical Billing Answers. Luckily, this is something I know a lot about as a health care finance consultant. I oversaw the billing operation of many hospitals before I went out on my own, and I’ve consulted at hospitals regarding billing and other revenue cycle issues ever since.

The initial issue for this site was trying to write it so that it didn’t overwhelm people. One can sometimes get too technical in their own niche to a point that they can’t communicate with those who aren’t in the field. So, if you go through any of the initial page categories, you’ll find that I haven’t written anything too deep, but hopefully it gets across what these things are.

Where the meat of this site is, though, is in the articles and the answered questions areas. Both of those areas give me the opportunity to add new content on a regular basis, which actually has worked out for me. Not as much for the articles, but people will send me questions, and I can answer them, and if it looks like I can get at least 200 words out of it, then it becomes another article. What it will also allow me to do at some point is make it a part of my consulting business, because I obviously can’t allow one person to dominate my time without getting paid for it eventually, right?

Now, here’s the big thing. This site, out of all my sites, makes the most money in Adsense revenue. Because it’s a niche site, the targeted traffic that this site gets means that I get paid more money if someone clicks on one of the ads than I get on any of my other sites. Supposedly, that’s what niche sites are all about, concentrating on one topic, then hammering that topic to death.

And here’s the neat thing. The world of medical billing online is pretty big, so getting to the top of the search engines isn’t the easiest thing in the world. No, I’m not in the top spot, unfortunately. But here’s where I rank for my top 3 search terms:

Medical Billing Questions Answered:

Google – 51
Yahoo – 12
MSN – 253

Medical Billing Questions:

Google – 149
Yahoo – 43
MSN – none

Medical Billing Answers:

Google – 2
Yahoo – 3
MSN – none

I don’t know what’s up with MSN, but I’m not worried about it. I launched this site at the end of May, so it’s just over 5 months old, still in its relative infancy, and it’s got a lot of room to grow. There’s some people who believe that one shouldn’t launch a website unless you have at least 100 pages of information, and others who believe you need even more. However, I was talking to one of my friends who works for We Build Pages, and his take on it was that if you believe what you have to say can be done in even 5 to 10 pages, then go to it, as long as the page is well optimized. I tend to agree with him on that one, plus I see so many people never start anything or never show anything because they can’t finish, at least in their minds. Think about Microsoft, people; they’ve been messing up for years, but do you think we’d have all this stuff if they had waited around for perfection?

Oh, on the site I also list different books concerning medical billing in some fashion. Many of those are a specific affiliate group I belong to that only deals with medical billing books, so the affiliate payout rate is higher. However, no one has purchased any of those books yet, but they’ll come; I know they’ll come!

Anyway, there’s my one big niche site. I may end up with more if this one succeeds in the way that I’m hoping it will. I’ll just have to think about what niche to talk about next; details, details,…

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