Massive Traffic To Your Website/Blog?

During my surfing party this week, I came across another article on how to drive massive traffic to your website. I don’t know why I keep reading these things because they all tend to say the same thing. However, this one just made me stop and decide that I wanted to comment on all of its points.

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The article is titled 20 Simple Ways to get Massive Traffic to your Web Site (at least it was; seems the title has been changed) by Penny C. Sansevieri, and it’s not that it’s a bad article, just that, in my opinion, at this time and place it’s somewhat misleading. It’s no more misleading than all the other articles I’ve read that say the same exact thing, but she’s listed her points, and I’m going to address each point individually. I do hope you go and read her article, though, which I’m not going to quote here, only her 20 points, with my commentary on each.

Before I begin, I want to make sure I get my point across. There are many things we can do to try to increase traffic to our sites. I’ve mentioned in the past how Twitter helped me increase traffic, and how commenting on other blogs helped also.

For my main business site, I haven’t talked much about how I got that one going, but I did some of the things mentioned in this article. The thing is, I did increase in traffic, but massive traffic? I don’t know that if I go from 5 to 25 visits a day that I consider that massive traffic. Massive traffic to me is 1,000 visits a day, and I don’t mean unique visits, which I get, but real live visitors that Google Analytics tells me about, or more. Still, let’s look at this list of 20 to see what I’ve done, or my opinions on them:

1) Write articles: believe it or not this is an incredible tool for driving traffic.

I have 10 articles on Ezine Articles and Evan Carmichael, and, according to Analytics, I’ve never gotten a single person to any of my sites because of them. They’ve been used elsewhere, though, so I’ve gotten links, but traffic,… nope.

2) Social bookmark *everything* – and I do mean everything

This one can take awhile, but I’ve done two things. One, I add the majority of articles I write on my three blogs to Delicious, and I also have every new blog post I write on all of my blogs showing up on my profile on Facebook. I know that at least two people have visited this blog because of a Delicious posting, but I only know of one person who’s even seen my blog listings on Facebook, and Analytics has never shown anyone coming to my blogs from there.

3) List yourself in the best directories

In this post, she was talking about paid directories, but I’m leery of many of these really big directories to begin with. As opposed to what I tried to do with my Services & Stuff site, you could end up in a category on a directory that has nothing to do with what you really do, or want to be known for, but you’re also then competing, at times, with hundreds of other people who do the same thing. I don’t know that I’d pay for it, let alone overly worry about the non-paid ones.

My main business site is listed in over 300 directories (I checked), and I certainly didn’t ask to be listed on that many directories, and I’m listed for diversity training on almost all of them. Thing is, I tried to go in and change some of them to something else, but you can’t, and they’ll only list you under one category for the most part. Hey, I’ll take the one way link, but traffic,… nope.

4) Get yourself listed at:

At this point, DMOZ is kind of a joke. It’s so big, and they don’t have enough people working on it, that if you decide to try it might take 3 or 4 years before someone got around to adding you, if they decide to add you at all. My main business site is there, though I can’t remember how to find it, but none of my other sites are there because I didn’t even try to put them there. I’m lost in the shuffle, and, of course, almost no traffic has ever come from there.

5) Review: if you can review hot new products or books within your market, head on over to and start positioning yourself as an expert.

I can’t say I’ve done a lot of this, but I am listed as a reviewer on Amazon, and I’ve reviewed a few things. However, no one has ever followed any of my reviews back to any of my sites.

6) Offer a freebie on Craig’s List: you’ll be amazed at how much traffic you get from a single Craig’s List ad.

This one I’ve never tried. I have listed services I offer on Craigslist, and have received very miniscule traffic to one of my sites, but otherwise I’ve been pretty much ignored.

7) Create a “recommended by” list on your page

As I mentioned, I submit my articles to Delicious, but I’ll admit I haven’t done any kind of list except for my own stuff. Still, if no one is even looking at what I post there, why would I expect anyone would care about a list I create?

8) And speaking of your email signature line…do you have one? If you don’t, create one.

This is an absolute for publicity, but the truth is that most people tend to miss it when they decide they want something. I can’t believe how many people will ask me for a link to my website, or when I send business email out, a phone number, and it’s right there in the signature line. People ask me for an address from my business site, and I have my address on every single page! This is important to do, but it’s never driven “massive” traffic to me.

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9) Lend a helping hand: you can be an answer person at Yahoo Answers (

I’ve set up to do this, and I did it fairly faithfully for a week. Number of visitors to my blog; zero. Now, maybe it takes more time than that, but, oddly enough, you find that there really aren’t as many questions you can answer as you might think there are, and sometimes, when you do find one, many other people have already answered it.

10) Set up a social networking site using,, or Squidoo.

I’ve already mentioned Facebook, but I’m also on LinkedIn, Ryze, Izania, and about 4 or 5 others, and I’ve gotten little traffic from any of them. Ryze has probably been the most productive, but I’ve invested a lot of time there, and for what I got back, “massive” wouldn’t come close to describing.

11) Make sure your blog has an RSS feed

Heck, y’all know I have a RSS feed because of that RSS contest I tried to run at the beginning of January. I have that feed on all of my blogs, though I haven’t put it on all of my sites; might have to think about that one some more. Still, I haven’t gotten massive subscribers, and I’m doubting massive would describe traffic generated from those feeds either.

12) Join relevant groups at Yahoo groups (

This I did, and then got out of. I think Yahoo Groups had its day, but it’s on the decline now, as there’s more spam related postings than anything else. As for traffic,…

13) Podcasting is another great way to drive traffic.

This one I’ve never done; the closest is adding the Odiogo widget to my blogs. I haven’t erased podcasting off my list of things I might want to do later, including video of some sort, so I’ll have to say I’m not sure how well this one would work, and I have no real history with it.

14) Start a blog and then once you do, start commenting on other people’s blogs, linking to them from your site or adding them to your blogroll.

Goodness, isn’t this what we always talk about around here, and amongst ourselves? This is the one thing I know has created more traffic to my blogs. Massive? Well, I still wouldn’t go quite that far, but interest and visitors, definitely.

15) Inbound links: don’t squander your time (or a perfectly good link) on smaller low-traffic sites. Instead spend your time going after high traffic, high quality sites.

Nice idea, but in general how would you know? I think we’ve debated whether it’s worth commenting on a big time blog with hundreds of other comments that don’t give a dofollow link versus commenting on a blog that might not have any other comments, but is a dofollow blog. We’ve even debated whether relevance in topics has to be there or not (I tend to believe it doesn’t matter as much as dofollow).

16) Start an email newsletter

I write two newsletters for my business, along with many other newsletters, but don’t have newsletters for my blogs. Man, that would be a lot more to deal with, wouldn’t it? However, there’s always been the question of whether newsletters drive traffic or sales. I think traffic would be stretching it because, with a newsletter, a reader doesn’t really have to visit your site unless you make it a condition of reading an entire article, which I consider as being somewhat smarmy. Now, you could send out a weekly “newsletter” telling people what articles were written on your blog or site for the week, with links to all the articles, and I guess that would be okay, but is that driving massive traffic to your site or just bringing back people who are looking to read what you’ve written back for another look? And, in this day and age, aren’t more of those people probably subscribing to your RSS feed, as it pertains to your blog?

17) And speaking of offline efforts: if you’re ever quoted in a magazine or other publication, make sure and mention your URL as its appropriate to the topic.

This I’ve done, but it’s never brought massive traffic. Like when I posted on my business blog the last interview I did (which can be found by going here, or downloaded and listened to as a MP3 file here). It got a lot of hits, but mainly because I sent it to all the people in my address book and they popped over to either listen or download. That was a one and done, and all those people knew me already. Anyone who didn’t know me,… nothing massive there. Still, it’s pretty good publicity that will always be there for me.

18) If you have products to sell why not get a store on eBay?

This might be a good idea, but more for making money than driving traffic to one’s site, unless you own a commerce site. It certainly wouldn’t drive massive traffic to your blog.

19) Load a video on YouTube and 57 other video sites.

Once again, something I can’t comment on since I’ve never done it. Of course, I do put up a post that’s mainly videos here and there, but without posting something I’ve created on my own and uploaded somewhere, I don’t know how well this works or not. I think every person has the opportunity to go viral, though.

20) If you’re going to go through all the trouble of getting traffic to your site, make sure your site is converting this traffic into something. Get folks to sign up for something, your newsletter, the RSS feed on your blog.

This one’s already been addressed in other comments above, so it’s more of a wrap up of other points than something new.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on these 20 points. I’m not saying they’re not good to do anyway, because publicity is publicity, and one or more of these might do wonders for you. And if one of you gets massive traffic because of it, then you’re just magnificent. But for the rest of us, the regular folks, unless we already have a big time following this isn’t what’s going to get it done.

What will get it done? Not that I really know, since I’m not there, but the two things I’ve found that seem to work the best are, of course, commenting on other blogs, and writing posts on a consistent basis, so people know you’re not a “hit and run” poster, someone who’s not going to write much of anything with any consistency. Those two things have helped me the most, and though I don’t consider myself as having massive traffic, I do have growing traffic, last week Feedburner actually told me I had 84 subscribers (though today it’s back down into the low 70’s; I wonder what drives that).

Okay, your turn; what do you think about these 20 points, and please, go read the other article for comparison?

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52 thoughts on “Massive Traffic To Your Website/Blog?”

  1. I love to see follow-up articles like this Mitch. Well written and right on the spot. Bloggers write great headlines with their “20 Tips” and such but often fall short on the content.

    I’m not suggesting this blogger meant to mislead anyone but all those tips (that I’ve tried in the past too!) are being done on such a huge scale lately that continuing to do the same is an exercise in futility.

    For a new blogger, those are good tips for getting their feet wet and experiencing what’s out there, but in the end I agree with you… hardly an effective list for driving any real traffic.

    @PaddyShaughn´s last blog post..So close I can taste it!

    1. Thanks for the agreement, Paddy. All of them are great things to know, but the misnomer of “massive traffic” is thrown around a lot these days, and it’s just not true.

  2. Before commenting on any one tip in particular, I want to agree with Paddy that these types of posts are really tiring. I really enjoy your response post as the things you said are often what I’m muttering as I read those “get traffic” posts. A problem I have with a lot of their tips is that they’re too generic. I like action items but these are described are at such a high level that it doesn’t really give you much of a foundation as to what you should do next.

    1. Exactly, Matt. Before I was a consultant, I worked in places where a consultant would come in, do a survey, find problems I already knew about, but offer nothing as far as help. Once I became a consultant, I not only find problems but offer realistic solutions, which clients seem to like better. That’s one thing I hope to discover while I write this blog; true answers that we can apply to what we’re hoping to do.

  3. I think the correct answer to all of this is, one of the best routes to strong traffic is good google search rankings. As such, whatever you can do to boost your rankings and get google to hit your site more, is what you need to do to boost your traffic.

    Looking at the tips:

    1) Article Writing – Been there, tried that. I think this is crap. A -> Getting a bunch of article directories to list you takes way too much time, and the links you get usually aren’t that great. And you won’t get traffic from it!

    2) Social Bookmarking – I have trouble fully understanding Del.Ic.ious or whatever and so I’ve stayed away from this as much as possible.

    3) Directories – I like to use these early on in my site promotion period. I refuse to do paid directories as if I wanted to throw money away, there are more visually appealing ways to get rid of it. However, I used to use DigiXmas to submit to over 1200 free directories. I think that honestly helped me get links with my keywords to a lot of different sites. However, it’s 15$ a site which I really don’t like paying, so I think I’m going to try creating a similar tool myself.

    4) DMOZ – This shows that the person making the list is out of touch with reality. You basically can’t get on DMOZ anymore, and even if you ever get added, it’s years away from today.

    5) Reviews – When I did reviews on my site, I would post them on Amazon. I haven’t done them in a while however, and I don’t know if it brought traffic. This is hard to evaluate as those visitors would be direct as they would see your link and type it in the url.

    9) Yahoo Answers – I did this for about a month. I think it helped get about 2-4 more visitors a day, but then, I did it A LOT. I was a top answerer in the R&B Music section with over 100 answers and 50 of them being marked “best” answers. However, I will warn you, most people there are stupid and the questions are cryptic and benign. To make it help at all, you have to make sure you use your site as your citation. Not sure if you did that while you used it Mitch.

    13) Podcasting – This actually has a lot of potential. I’ve never done it though I often consider it. My friend somehow got his podcast onto the top podcasts on iTunes back in the day which gave him a real high quality link that brought A LOT of traffic. How to get to that point, I have no idea. I frankly avoid podcasts as I can’t sit and listen that long.

    15) Ignore low traffic sites – Eh, this is crap. A link is a link and while it would be nice to get a link on a hot site, it’s a lot harder to get those.

    19) YouTube – THIS is something I can actually provide good insight on. If you can make the right kind of video, you can get a lot of promotion on YouTube and build up a good network. While my site happens to lend itself well to this, I have over 500 YouTube subscriptions and over 2 million views of my videos. AND what’s more, videos that you embed on your site and get you as one of their top 5 external viewing locations have a link to your site. Which gets you more links.

    YouTube has been killing me lately, taking down my videos for copyright infringement (they’re fair use… don’t even get me started on this!), responding to commenters and getting visibility for my site has helped.

    Again, this might be limited based on niche however as it can be hard to get people to view your videos if they’re not in a popular term.

    Whew, sorry about all that! I considered splitting into several comments to make it easier to respond but didn’t know the best way to do so.

    1. You did well here, Matt; thanks! Seems you feel that YouTube would be one of the best ways to possibly drive traffic to your site, and it’s the one way that I’m not close to being equipped to do, as I don’t have a video camera. Well, I do have a digital camera that can shoot videos, but I’d have to hold down on the button, which doesn’t lend itself well to making real videos that can be used.

      1. Hrm, the digital camera might be worth trying. Having to hold down the button does make it limited though. I just think it might be worth trying using that first so you can see if it has potential and can be marketed.

  4. hey Mitch,
    You sure know how to point out what doesn’t work! 🙂
    But I agree with you, and if you eliminate enough things that don’t work, eventually you’ll find what does.
    I’ll tell you the easiest way to get massive traffic… be the best at what you do (i.e. google, youtube, etc). Of course that is easier said than done, but one must recognize that it is a competition, and only a few can win. Be the best, and provide something people need. ~ Steve, the trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..Green Trade Show Displays

    1. Steve, that point about providing something people need is a good one, but also an interesting one. Offline marketers always say that you have to find your “unique selling point”, while online marketers say you need to figure out where “the fish are”, then feed them. The thing is, if you’re not capable of providing what the fish are looking for, you’re out of luck. For instance, if the fish are looking for information on iPods or some of the other technology available today, I could research it and give it to them, but I can’t say anything about any of it from first hand experience. In the end, one still needs to stick with what they know to a degree.

      Kind of like you and these “green” trade shows. lol

  5. Dennis, that might be an assumption of the article, but as you see, I said that I’ve done most of those things, almost all of them, for this blog and for my main website, and right now, no massive traffic. So, it’s not just “one” thing or “one” week.

    The truth is that the only thing in the article that I haven’t tried with this blog is video, but there’s another point, which you missed. That point is that every article on creating massive traffic says almost the same things, and they’re lying to everyone because it just doesn’t work in that fashion. It’s not Field Of Dreams, but some the methods that were brought up are old and don’t work anymore. What does work is getting yourself known by others, and putting your content together enough so that people will decide they like what you have to say and invite others to stop by. My traffic has grown, but massive; I’d say not.

  6. wow, seeing everybody dish the article marketing here, saying it hasn´t given them traffic…

    I gotta say I completely disagree there… it is working for me pretty nicely, and it is bringing in cash, which is my main reason to do article marketing anyways.

    First articles I submitted to ezinearticles, received quite a bit of view but hardly any click throughs. I decided it wasn´t going to be working.

    However, then I learned more about it and learned how to write in ways that people clickthrough naturally and now most of my articles that i submit to ezinearticles have a click through rate of 40-50% some even get to 75% which i´d see is pretty nice.

    Apart from that traffic coming from ezinearticles, I am starting to see better rankings in google on the keywords that I have been promoting on ezinearticles, plus more traffic from that, so in my book, it does work.

    “massive traffic”… not yet but I am sure that if I continue on this path, it will start taking on massive proportions 😉

    Mirjam´s last blog post..My One Week Marketing Projects are Starting to Take Off!

    1. Hi Mirjam,

      Maybe it’s how one writes those articles that gets them clickthroughs. I have about 15 articles on that site, and I’ve seen them copied, so I get links, but Analytics doesn’t show that anyone comes to my sites from there, so that’s all I have to go on. However, the term “massive traffic” is what’s bothering me, because that just doesn’t happen. Not that it’s not good for links and prominence, just that, as a traffic source, it’s a heck of a lot of work for the meager return. Me, I’d rather post it on my blog or put it out as a newsletter.

      1. and then there is of course the discussion if “massive traffic” really is all the productive 😉 I´d rather have 25 really targeted hits and sell, than have my site floaded with massive traffic that leaves as fast as they came in 😉

        Mirjam´s last blog post..My One Week Marketing Projects are Starting to Take Off!

      2. You know, Mirjam, I think it depends on which site. I want as many people as there can be to come to my blogs. I want targeted traffic to go to my medical billing site.

  7. *scratching my head* see, that is why I like coming to your site, you give me food for thought (and posts LOL) because we differ in opinions 😀

    Mirjam´s last blog post..My One Week Marketing Projects are Starting to Take Off!

      1. ROFLMAO yeah, that´s true, now that I remember, I still owe you a post on blog contests …. ouch

      2. Oh yeah, I’d actually forgotten about that! I’ll be waiting with bated breath, whatever kind of breath that’s supposed to be.

  8. LOL just “don´t hold your breath”, I already have a title and short intro saved in my control panel but it might take a bit more before I actually post it (I keep it for the week I don´t have other things I want to post 😉 )

    Mirjam´s last blog post..My One Week Marketing Projects are Starting to Take Off!

  9. I actually get a good bit of traffic from Facebook, and I did a round of answers on Yahoo and got traffic from them as well. I think for the latter, it depends if you are answering questions that you can somehow sneak your own article link in as a source, which I was able to do with a few. One other interesting place I get traffic from is Anytime I make a few comments there, I get a punch of traffic.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s last blog post..How to Keep Your RSS Subscribers

    1. I had to drop following Lifehacker because, with the number of blogs I follow, keeping up with 10 to 15 posts a day was just overwhelming. However, I might have to do another traffic analysis and post it to the blog because, over the last couple of months, it seems that I’m suddenly starting to get more traffic from the search engines, which is freaking me out since the number used to be drastically low before. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I bet I get almost no traffic from Facebook, and I’m betting that Twitter will be in the top three.

      Of course, I could be wrong, which is why I only play poker most of the time instead of real betting! 🙂

  10. DMOZ, let me see that rings a bell. Oh yeah that’s the site I used to list my site a few years back and as far as I know it’s never been listed.

    As for social bookmarking everything, care should be taken with this one as it can get you booted you out of a lot of sites. It’s also better that someone else does it as it holds a lot more weight.

    I’ve done a few videos but none of them have gotten me any visits that I can recall, even though one has close to 2000 views.

    Sire´s last blog post..There Is No Way In Hell That A Man Can Please A Woman

    1. I think word spread far and wide when you had your last video, Sire, but I’m not sure that traffic helped you with any sales. Though it got a lot of responses, did the analysis show that it actually increased visits overall?

      Yeah, I’m not sure how I got on DMOZ, but I’ll take what I can get.

    1. Heck, I’ve already married her; a line at this point would probably just cause derision. lol

  11. Great stuff. Nice to read some well written posts that have some relevancy !

  12. great article definitely worth a bookmark. You went out of your way to convey your article’s theme, it’s great very detailed and resourceful and now I got some work to do. Thanks for these helpful tips as always they have been really helpful and I mean it too.

    almir´s last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

    1. it was also funny how you said that DMOZ is a joke considering its supposed to be the greatest web directory on the internet

      almir´s last blog post..Review Of “The One And Only” Atomic Blogging 3.0

      1. I tried myself to get my websites into DMOZ’s directory but no luck as they said its so darn hard to get accepted and that it takes awhile to get approved considering it’s been more than 2 years for my other website’s to get listed

      2. And see, my business website is a part of DMOZ, but I submitted it a long time ago, when it was relatively easy to get in.

      3. DMOZ has reputation because of its age, but the truth is that it’s a dinosaur, and its lost its usefulness. Anything that can take up to 3 years to list a website is of no use to anyone; we can all list our sites elsewhere. They need to change their model to survive.

      4. very true I do agree since many of us bloggers want quick results like “within” months

        almir´s last blog post..Review Of “The One And Only” Atomic Blogging 3.0

      5. I’m sure there are people doing it in some fashion, and one could try running Adwords to get people to their site, but I only use Adwords when I have a product that I’m hoping to generate a little bit of buzz about.

  13. Mitch I have a question anyway what does DMOZ stand for does it have any meaning behind it.

    1. DMOZ is now known as Open Directory Project, but the term DMOZ itself comes from its original setting, “”

  14. It seems that blog commenting on a dofollow blogs is the most efdective one. And, don’t forget the reciprocal links, as they still count if they are high quality. Leave enough time for the quality and comprehensive posts, the content is still the most important asset of your blog/site..
    .-= New Cars Guru´s last blog ..New Porsche 911 GT3 RS =-.

  15. I don’t know why these tips are not working for you, because they do for me.

    Stumbleupon brings 231 visits a month.

    Twitter 78

    Bloggingfusion (Directory) 21

    Google Groups 18 (Use to be higher when I was more active.)

    Tips seem accurate to me.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..2010 Resolutions- Achieve Your Goals =-.

    1. I had two gripes with it, Rose. One, the post was a rehash of everything else I’ve ever seen on the topic of “massive traffic.” Two, even with the numbers you mentioned, do you consider that as “massive?” I get traffic from all those sources, but those aren’t overall great numbers.

  16. I’d consider “231 visits a month” from a bookmarking site pretty darn good. I never said it was massive. I do find most of Penny’s advice sound for bringing traffic.

    You said “no one has ever followed any of my reviews back to any of my sites.”

    “Number of visitors to my blog; zero.”

    It appears that you haven’t had much luck with a great deal of those tips and I believe if a site brings you some traffic even 18 to 21 than it is better than no traffic at all.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Generate Traffic to your blog =-.

    1. You might be right, Rose, but that wasn’t my point. You can’t put something out saying people will get massive traffic and only get 230, or whatever the number is. Also, as I said, I’ve seen every one of those points over and over on other blogs, pretty much written the same exact way. You know that one of my gripes about many sites is that they just parrot what other people say and don’t write anything original. When I read her post, I had seen maybe 7 other posts that week saying the same thing, with almost the same words; hers just happened to be the last straw at the time.

      I know that what works for one person won’t work for everyone. Still, the superlatives that some folks add to their topic posts aren’t being truthful. Kind of like the posts that say “expose” and aren’t, or the ones that purport to tell you the truth about something and instead you see a copy of words you saw elsewhere, which is what the FTC will be going after this year.

      If you ever see a superlative like that from me, you’ll know it’s a parody of what someone else has written, or the absolute truth for something that’s worked for me. That’s all I ask for.

  17. Feel free to rant. We all have out pet peeves.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Generate Traffic to your blog =-.

  18. What a great rebuttle post! I love how you went through the list and really gave an honest “state of the situation” commentary. It all makes you wonder, some days, if perhaps these people’s definition of “massive” is 5 visitors! Of course, some of the blogs that these regurgitated suggestions are found on might find 5 to be an improvement!
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry´s last blog ..Inspirational Moment: You Make Your Own Worth =-.

    1. Thanks Kimberly. I know there’s no one way to get a lot of visitors and subscribers, but these things you keep seeing over and over don’t work as well as commenting on other people’s blogs if you ask me, and even there, you’re not going to get massive traffic unless something extraordinary happens.

  19. It seems to be, Dennis, but in general, I think the title is misleading when most people say it.

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