Close to two years ago now, my wife and I went to Turning Stone Casino to see Mariah Carey live in concert. I hadn’t been to a live concert in years, not counting classical concerts. I loved it, whereas my wife, also a Mariah fan, couldn’t stand all the screaming and such from all the girls. Why do girls scream for other girls anyway?

I love Mariah Carey’s singing, but lately she’s not doing as much real singing as, well, performing. That may seem like an odd statement to some, but there’s a marked difference between singing and just entertaining. For instance, her last big hit from earlier this year was Touch My Body, a nice song, but she didn’t really give us a full performance, a true accounting of her talent. Maybe after so many years she’s figured out that many of today’s kids can’t quite keep up with real singing and real songs. Yeah, I said it!

So, what do I really mean about real singing? First, put Touch My Body in your mind for a couple of seconds. Then watch and listen to Mariah kick the behind out of the song Vanishing, here done live, and learn what real singing is:

The 1’s by Mariah Carey

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