Okay, here’s the beginning of how I hope to achieve my goal for this week, and possibly longer. I’d like to introduce a book called 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online.

I actually bought this book last year, read the whole thing, and put some of it into action. I didn’t end up making $100 a day, but I did make some money, which was pretty neat, and if I’d had more time to only work on things in the book, I probably could be making my $100 a day with no problem. I probably need to go back and get into it again.

A few of the ways it talks about making money are: selling items on eBay; ghostwriting; article writing; membership sites; and affiliate marketing. Of course it goes deeper into each of the 20 ideas it gives you, which I’m not going to go into here. One special thing about this book is that each chapter is written by a different person, someone who’s specialty is the topic they’re talking about, which means you don’t have one guy trying to tell you everything about, well, everything.

The price of the book is $27, but I’ll tell you it’s worth it. Not only that, but you’ll then qualify to become an affiliate for the product; nothing wrong with that, if you ask me. Take a look at the site by clicking here and start on your way towards that $100 a day.

20 Ways To Make
$100 A Day Online

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