I love a good cookie. The best are large, flavorful cookies that are slightly soft but not too much, with lots of flavor and, hopefully, lots of chocolate chips. I’ll trade in a good chocolate chip for a cookie I had recently, which had melted Heath bar pieces and KitKats; OMG!

There are good cookies and there are bad cookies. There are a lot of flavors I won’t start mentioning here but I hate them. Anything with a fruit in them, I hate them. Fruit flavor “might” be fine in some circumstances (like lemon), whereas in other circumstances I’m never touching them (like strawberry).

Yet there’s a cookie that, until recently, I pretty much ignored that I hate worst of all… that being the digital cookie. Actually, it’s not the cookie I hate so much; it’s those infernal digital cookie policies that websites have popping up all over the place to satisfy that horrible GDPR policy.

These things are almost as bad as popups, which I hate with a passion, so much so that I block javascript on Firefox from automatically loading. I haven’t seen a popup in years that came before I decided to open up a site… and if something pops up immediately, I turn it off again and go my own way.

I do the same with this cursed cookie policy things on Firefox. They’re all blocked, and that suits me just fine. For sites I actually want to see that have cookie policies showing up, I use a plugin to kill them so I don’t have to deal with them again.

You know where the biggest problem is? On mobile… of all places! What’s happening is that I use Flipboard to find things I want to share with others on social media and items I want to save for myself as reference material. Yet, at least 40% of the sites I end up on have these cookie policies popping up… blocking everything… without a way to close them except to accept the policy… which I refuse to do.

This is supposed to be counter to what Google said should be happening and what they were going to do to sites that did this. Only it’s not because Google has its own issues with the European Union’s policies so they’re ignoring their own; sigh…

Look, I get it; you want to comply with the GDPR on the cookie thing. I even understand that most of you have selected a plugin to handle it for you. When the day was coming closer I actually downloaded a plugin to handle it for me… only it looked horrible across the top of my blog, so I got rid of it.

Since less than 2% of my traffic comes from European nations (not counting the UK), and I’m not marketing anything specifically to anyone over there, I decided to leave it alone, along with that other stupid GDPR thing about allowing anyone in the European Union to request that you wipe out anything someone over there has ever posted on this or any of my other blogs. Be accountable for your own actions; it’s not my job to be your nanny!

With that said, I’d like to put through some requests to those of you who do have those annoying cookie policies popping up. These aren’t only for my sake, but for the sake of your other visitors:

1. Please check to make sure people can either ignore your cookie warning and still participate on your site or make sure there’s an “X” somewhere so we can close it. If anyone else is like me and the only way I can see your content is to accept cookies via your policy, we’re not doing it.

2. Please check your cellphone to see what your cookies policy looks like there. If it’s totally blocking everything else out, see if you can change it (I know some of these plugins give you the option of altering the size of the message). If you don’t have that option, change plugins.

For the rest of you, if you don’t want to deal with the cookies or any other stupid messages, I offer these suggestions:

1. If you’re on Chrome on your computer or laptop, go into settings, then go to advanced settings. Under Privacy, click on Content settings and look for Javascript. Once you’re in there, you can click on the blue button to turn it grey. After that, you have the option of adding sites you already know you want to see, starting with “www”. If you go to other sites and you want to turn javascript on, you can click the red X in the top right of your address bar and turn it on.

2. If you’re on Chrome on your smartphone (Android users), go into settings, then site settings and you’ll see the javascript option about halfway down. Follow the same process as above after that.

3. If you’re on Firefox, I recommend an add-on called Javascript Control. You can set it to automatically shut down javascript on all sites, which is what I’ve done. If you go to a site and you want to see what you’re missing (some sites are all javascript; sigh…), you can click on the grey “JS” button in the address bar and that’ll turn it on. The best part about it is you can click on it again to remove javascript.

Any other browsers… you’re on your own! lol

Irritated web visitors won’t come back to your site; not letting people see your content is irritating. Too many popups are irritating. This is why so many people use Adblock; do you want more people to be like me and block javascript so we won’t possibly be irritated by your site?

Something to think about.

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