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Some weeks ago Sire indicated in a comment that I should write something about myself and some accomplishments to let everyone know stuff I’ve done. Truthfully, it sounded a bit self serving to do, but in reality I’m realizing that if I expect to continue working on having any influence whatsoever and hoping to do more business in all fields, especially presentations and speaking engagements, that I’m really my major “product”, if you will.

Thus, this post is going to show off a bunch of links to other stuff I’ve done or written to show that I’m not quite one dimensional. Okay, you probably knew that, and you hopefully saw that little meme the other day. So, here’s more on me; some of the links come from this blog as well.

First, I have about 27 articles on EzineArticles at this juncture. Here’s the link to articles I have listed on that site. I will honestly say that I haven’t gotten lots of bounce from these articles over the years, but hey, if you don’t take a shot at it you’ll never know, right? I’ve written on this particular subject, article marketing, as well.

Second, here’s a list of articles I’ve either written or I’ve been quoted on. I have this list on my business site.

Third, here’s a list of articles on health care topics that I have listed on my site Medical Billing Answers. Only a couple of those are for folks not in health care; I really need to write more of those.

Fourth, on another site of mine, Services and Stuff, I have articles that I’ve written and articles that other people have written listed. Mine are easy to find, and my friend Sue has some articles listed on that page as well.

Fifth, two weeks ago on my business blog I wrote a post that was directly related to what Sire stated, although I didn’t go into as much detail as he talked about. It was called Who is Mitch Mitchell Anyway?

Sixth, you might not have noticed but I have a page at the top called Interviews, and that’s a listing of every interview I’ve given or been a part of that I can remember. Certainly enough for a press kit if you ask me.

And finally seventh, some links to goofy questions I’ve answered on this blog about opinions and the like; strange stuff, but it all adds up to giving some kind of idea of who I am and what I might be about. Nothing too deep, I hope:

A Networking Meme

34 Questions

10 Things That Lead To A Happier Healthier You

Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me

Soundtrack Of Your Life

I think that’s enough of that; I could easily add some more stuff, but truthfully, most of you aren’t going to go through all that other stuff, so why go too far with it.

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9 comments on “Links To Stuff By And About Me

    • No Charles, never been back to Japan, or even left the continental United States again. Haven’t had the urge, tell you the truth.

  • See, that wasn’t that hard now was it, and it’s about time too! Also I think that perhaps this time I’ve found an error in your last paragraph. 😉

    I must admit you have put yourself out there quite a bit and it’s only fitting that more people know about all the stuff you can do. Only then will they know what you’re capable of, and that is an awful lot.

    • Good catch, Sire; a real word but one that didn’t fit the moment. And yes, it’s now all out there, so if I need to I can just send people to that post and move on with life. Your turn!

      • Nah, there ain’t all that much to say when it comes to my achievements mate, would make for too short a post. I’ll just stick with my about page 😉

      • Are you kidding? You ran your own business, you actually ran a bulletin board system… I think there’s some fascinating stuff people would love to hear about you.

      • Actually had a couple of business, dabbled in real estate and other ventures. Nothing exiting though and nothing out of the usual. May make for an interesting post, but that’s about it.

      • There ya go, it’s all a matter of how you look at things, a new post is always a new post. Thanks for pointing that out Mitch 😉

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