Li’l Specs Revisited

The last time I wrote about my wife’s site, Li’l Specs, it didn’t get any attention at all. Well, we can’t have that, and what kind of husband would I be if I didn’t mention it again. After all, she deserves publicity because she’s talented, these things are great, she deserves to make some money, and she’s my wife! 🙂

What she makes are handmade clay eyeglass pins, although they can be used for other things such as badge holders or name tags. Mostly she makes animals, like you see here, and what you do is pin it to your shirt, then if you have either reading glasses or sunglasses, you can hang them there when you take them off. No more losing your reading glasses, or wondering where to put your sunglasses so they won’t break.

Each creation is totally unique, and she even got an artistic copyright for the product, so she’s a one and only. Then again, look up handmade clay pins; she comes up #2 on Google, and if you add “animal”, she’s number one. She’s also looking to change the reach of her business model a little bit. She’s mainly sold one pin at a time, and though that’s okay, it doesn’t quite bring in the money she’s hoping for. So, a new idea is to hook up with groups that might want something different for their members, like the Red Hat ladies, and have her make a bunch of the same thing. Each one will still be a little different, but it’s a nice little gift for everyone. And, naturally, you can get everything without glasses being put onto them; matter of fact, most people ask for that.

Of course, I know the guys are probably saying “I don’t want to wear anything like that”; I’ve said it also. Still, you have wives and girlfriends, and you’re often looking for special gifts to give them. What could be more special than something handmade? And it’s not all that expensive, and it would be unique; what’s to think about?

Take a look at her site to see some pictures of what she’s made already; she’s got about 500 of these things in reserve, and don’t pick on her for the photos; I’m a terrible photographer, or else the digital camera isn’t the best. I think it’s a combination of the two. That’s why she’s the talent in the household, and I’m just the writer. In any case, please, and I mean please, comment this time around so I’ll know that you at least went and took a look at them. And help promote her, or buy something; I think she deserves it.

Now, aren’t the rest of you husbands ashamed of yourselves? 😀

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11 comments on “Li’l Specs Revisited

  • Hi Mitch your wife is very talented the clay animals are great. I cant see that there is a big demand for glasses holders, but there certainly is for embellishments. Has she considered marketing them towards the handmade cards and cake market who are always looking for something unique, or even turn them into keyrings. You can also marketing them on dog/other animal sites may be an idea where someone can send in a photo and have their animals head turned into a keyring caricature, paper weight, table top statue, minature photo frame (for a pic of your dog) with a clay animal head attached to the side etc.

    • First, thanks for your comment, Khaled. Second, actually, as men, we never know about the types of jewelry women like. When my wife wore one to a women’s networking event here in town, women just went nuts over them, which proves there is a market.

      As for the rest, she really hasn’t considered much along any other lines, even though I’ve started talking to her about it. Right now it’s a part time passion; maybe one day, she’ll decide to really make it a bigger deal than she believes it can be.

      And I’ll be right there promoting her!

  • malted_tea says:

    While I wear glasses, I rarely wear jewelery of any kind as I find the whole matter of “bling” distracting.

    Commenting because when you said, “So, a new idea is…” I expected you to say that her other monetization would be teaching others how to do clay pins.

    Kids parties, perhaps?

    It’s a very nichey kind of thing but cliques of women may like it. To follow your “groups” idea: Bachelorettes? Baby showers? Sororities are big in the States, I hear.

    What would be helpful is pictures (or video like on that are more consistently to scale. I know we’re not supposed to make digs on your photography but, err, I’m just sharing.

    Congrats to her on her creativity!

    • Hi Natasha. I’m a terrible photographer, and have a lousy camera; we’ll have to invest in a better one some day. However, if you click on the pictures, they are exactly the size of the item; at least I think they are, since I’m not the best at sizing things.

      She’s not quite sure how to teach people how to do it because, well, you still kind of have to have a 3-D eye to make animals. I don’t have that talent at all; then again, she can’t play piano, which is my gig. That’s why you won’t see anything else like it if you search Google; no one else seems to know how to do it with clay, or at least hasn’t thought about doing it with clay.

      And I like your “group” ideas; I’ll pass those on to her.

    • Thanks DeAnna. I’ll mention the sorority thing, since Natasha also mentioned it. I’d have never thought of that one.

  • I love what she makes and wish that I could help marketing it but you know my limitations. I have however sent her an email wishing her my best. She is indeed very talented, and it is quite a site that.

    Rummuser´s last blog post..An Incredible Story.

  • My wife has a handmade card and jewellery website and you are right about men having no idea. The items I don’t like or think wont sell are usually the most popular ones.

    • Thanks Steve; I think she’s pretty good looking myself. lol And I’m not sure who did that SEO, but I think that guy needs a raise! lol

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