My wife and I go out to dinner every Friday night unless one of us has a previous commitment, which is rare. We usually end up somewhere familiar afterwards, or out of the norm, but it doesn’t ever seem to matter because we seem to have a lot of fun no matter where we end up.

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Last night, we ended up a a furniture store, of all things, and it was my idea. There’s a new one in town called American Signature, and since we know we’re going to need something new in the living room at some point, it just struck me that we should take a look, since we were pretty much down the street from the place.

It turned out to be a very good time, though for the oddest of reasons. We usually have fairly similar taste, but it seems that goes away when we start talking about furniture. Every piece I liked she thought looked either too old style or, in her words, like RV furniture. I mean, what’s wrong with recliners and cup holders in furniture? Everything she liked was too low or too hard to get out of once I felt like getting up; I’m not a small guy. We did agree that we didn’t like piping on furniture, so that was a start. We didn’t even disagree on colors, which is also something different.

We disagree on furniture, but we don’t disagree on lighting fixtures for some reason. We saw a lot of very nice pieces of all types that we thought would be nice, but of course that’s not our priority at the moment. Some are the coolest things, but I’m someone who just can’t pull the trigger on expensive lighting, at least for myself. We’re going to a party later today, and we bought a neat lamp for my friend’s house, as he’s been doing some redecorating and we think it’ll work nice in his house.

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