Lebron James, A Champion Revisited

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King James - Cavaliers Parade 2016
Carlos Javier via Compfight

That would be Lebron James, the MVP of the latest NBA Championship Series won by the Miami Heat in 5 games over the Oklahoma City Thunder. I felt so good for him, as I was cheering for Miami to win this series as kind of a “take that” at Cleveland and everyone else who was hating on Lebron for being, well, Lebron.

If you click on that link about you’ll see that I wrote about him last year around this same time, wondering why there’s so much hate for the kid from so many quarters, and even this year there was a lot of that.

It’s with some relief that it seems that a lot of that hate is dissipating now, even from seasoned journalists who are finally owning up to the fact that maybe their beliefs were a bit off about this guy. When all is said and done Lebron has been nothing but a guy who’s tried to please others, tried to do the right thing, was one of the best players in the league but had to learn that, when it comes to crunch time he just has to be the man and get it done.

James & the Golden Halo
Steve Jurvetson via Compfight

He did that very well in both this series and in the last two games of the Boston series where there was pretty much nothing anyone could do to stop him and nothing anyone could do to score on him when he decided to shut them down. Let’s see, who’s that guy people were trying to compare him to last year? Well, he’s still not that guy, and he’s not Kobe Bryant either, but he’s finally on his way to being legitimately seen in that rarefied air.

See, I like to think I know a jerk when I see a jerk. Terrell Owens is a jerk. Mike Tyson was a jerk. Some people say Barry Bonds was a jerk; I think Barry just wanted to be left alone. I tend to believe that how a person acts in regular life is more a story of what they are than how they act when still in “athlete” mode. We all have our own criteria.

Lebron James has never been a jerk on the court, and he’s never been a jerk off the court. As I was saying to someone a couple of days ago, even after he left Cleveland he’s gone back to help with fundraising for one thing or another because he still sees that as home. Does that sound like a jerk?

I’m really glad Miami won since neither the Lakers or the Knicks could get it done. And I have one last thing to say, that being that the players on the Oklahoma team (man, even a few years down the road it seems strange that a professional basketball team is in Oklahoma) were the classiest group of guys I’ve ever seen after losing a championship. I was never so proud of a bunch of young guys stepping up and being real men, unlike some of the players on the Boston Celtics (hate them) team after losing to Miami in the Eastern Conference finals. The cream always comes to the top.

Overall, my favorite player of all time is still Wilt Chamberlain, my favorite player right now is still Kobe, but I’ve got nothing but love for Lebron’s game and his character; I gotcha back ‘Bron! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Lebron James, A Champion Revisited”

  1. I agree with you, although Lebron isn’t the biggest of the NBA stars, at least he isn’t a jerk. He is a really sportsman. He could be the idol for the kids, not the pimps like Kobe or Rodman. A real sportsman has to be confident and passionate about the sport, respect the game and the other sportsmen, both on the court and in the private life as well.

    1. Actually Kathi, one doesn’t get much bigger than Lebron James these days, and truthfully, I think there’s a lot for kids to admire in him, something their parents should pass along.

  2. Lebron is great player, I don’t have many chances to watch NBA recently because the time difference, but often gather with friends in a sport pubs and watch until sunrise. Never been much of a fan of Heat, but I think this season the team is really good.

      1. I may not be right, but I think this is just the second title they win, I am almost certain as I am fan of Dallas Mavericks and we’ve lost badly.

  3. I knew it from the first game of the finals, Heat will be the champion. He, Lebron James, deserved that award because he earned it and not just give by anyone. From your post sir Mitch, I learned a lot from him. 🙂

  4. Well as a Laker fan i didn’t think they were going to win the Finals! but to think they are still good enough to make it to the quarter finals is still pretty good! I like Miami but everyone is a ban wagon! It is insane! But good for Lebron for winning the championship! He clearly deserved it this year with his awesome stats and his awesome team!

    1. I’m a Lakers fan as well Jake, but I like Lebron and I like Wade, and thus I was pulling for Miami and against all those people who hated Lebron, well, just because. Didn’t make any sense to me.

  5. I love James and his great performance. When Lebron plays all games are a real joy to my eyes. Glad he won a MVM of finals and Miami got the title 🙂

  6. I was never really a fan of LeBron James but let’s admit it, after all the tribulations and trials he deserved to win. He is a talented player even if some of his actions on and off the court are questionable

  7. I used to be a LeBron fan when he was still playing in Cleveland.. after the Decision I lost some fan love for him but you can never deny that he is a monster when it comes to playing basketball… congratulations to him

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