I probably haven’t talked about it here, but I purchased the movie The Secret when it first came out, way before most people knew about it. Since that time I’ve purchased the book on CD for my wife and listened to that, subscribed to their newsletter, and try to watch other videos and the like as it concerns the Laws of Attraction.

It never hurts to have a boost, though, which is why I’m happy to mention this book, The Secret Behind The Secret by Dr. Eric Amidi, which takes it further and gives tips on ways to use the principles from the movie in your life.

There’s some pretty good stuff in the book, but here’s some things that most people really need to open their minds up for better things:

• The 3 Hidden Forces in you – Make them work together to make things happen like miracles.

• 3 Habits you must adopt to change your luck starting tomorrow.

• 12 Things you must know before applying The Secret.

• 4 Major blocks to manifestations – How to blast them away for good.

So, there you go. Take a look at the book and maybe the principles of the law of attraction will help you on your way to being the best you can be; I know I feel better.


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