This evening, I figured it was time to add to my affiliate branding, so to speak. I pretty much decided to do it after visiting John Chow’s page where he’s talking about his October Blogging Income of over $34,000. At that point, I said to myself “Self, quit buggin’ and get on the affiliate marketing bandwagon.” Not that I haven’t done a few things, but hey, I want to move up in the world.

So, I went to the link he suggested, affiliates he’s pimping, and decided on three of them for the night. I actually looked at all of the ones he had on the page except Text Link Ads, since I already knew about them. The three I decided on were Kontera, Performancing Ads, and TTZ Media.

I’m not overly sure why I chose those, but I did. Both Performancing Ads and TTZ allow you to set up 125×125 ads on your sidebar, and Performancing Ads also has an affiliate program, which you’ll notice over there on the side. Kontera, I believe, will add links into your content at some point that highlights whatever their advertisers select, and it’s PPC (pay per click, which means you earn money if someone clicks on the link). You also get to alter the settings some, so once Kontera begins, there won’t be any links on my main page, only within each post, and the links will begin after one day has passed. I wanted a little bit of time in there, although statistics show that you get most of your visitors within the first 24 hours. But you can always go back and change it.

Also, both Kontera and Performancing Ads have WordPress plugins, which makes things easier to deal with. I have no idea what TTZ does, because they take time to approve you. Oh yeah; Kontera actually has a minimum number of page views that your site is supposed to hit every month, but if you sign up under John Chow they waive that, so my recommendation is to first visit the link I sent you, then follow the link he gives you in his post to where you can then sign up under him. Sure, he’ll be getting some residual income from you, but if you end up making a few dollars who cares, right?

For the record, there were a couple others I looked at and thought about. Azoogle is like Google ads, and I decided I already have Google so why double dip. I tried to visit DealDotCom but their site is down for maintenance. I thought about Pepperjam, and that’s one I might go back to at another time. I knew I didn’t want to deal with paid reviews, as I like to write about whatever I want to write about, so that knocked out ReviewMe. And one other, OIOpublisher Direct, you have to pay for the plugin; not for me at this time.

So, there you go. Now, what I did to kind of replace something on the right side was to remove the Google bar that was on that side. I’m thinking about experimenting with one of the many WP plugins that will put an Adsense block within one’s post. But I’m only thinking about it at this juncture; if I couldn’t pick and choose, then it would look pretty silly in short posts, and I do have short ones from time to time.

Onward and upward!

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