Klout Revisited

Tuesday night on Twitter, some of the local folks started talking about Klout as a way to determine whether someone was good enough to be dating or not. Although they were having a lot of fun, and I chimed in, I wondered why my score hadn’t changed since the first time I wrote about it back in March of this year.

For a quick update, Klout is a service that supposedly helps you to see just how much influence you have online. To be fair, it only measures your influence as it pertains to Twitter and Facebook, so in a way you have to take it with a grain of salt. If you have 20,000 RSS subscribers to your blog but aren’t on Twitter, it will say you have no influence at all.

Still, I do a lot of Twitter, and thus I want my influence to be higher. It was still sitting on 56, so I mentioned it, and two of the people I talk to all the time said I could go to the second page and do a refresh. I didn’t have the refresh, so I did some reading and it turns out you have to register and let it access your Twitter page so it can actually start figuring things out. I had never registered, so the program was probably just guessing at things. I figured why not; what could it hurt?

I hooked up and it did its thing, and, well, suddenly my Klout score was 28. What the hey? I’d lost half my ranking by registering; that didn’t make me happy at all. Then I saw where you could add Facebook, and I had to think about that one a bit. The last thing I wanted was that score showing up on either Twitter or Facebook. I went ahead and added Facebook, since I learned I could go to Facebook and tell it not to broadcast anything from the website about me or Klout in general. That brought my score up 6 points to 34.

I still am not necessarily happy with that score, but I have learned that it grows or falls based on what’s going on with your accounts as time goes by. So, it seems the initial score I got back in March didn’t really measure what I do on these services. Also, it took last week’s information to help build its records, and last week I was out of town and on Twitter and Facebook rarely. So, I figure next weekend I’ll have it recalculate things, as you can only do that once a week.

I’m not going to get into all the ways it measures one’s information because they’ve written it all up on the site, which I really didn’t pay much attention to before. I will say this, though; I’m going to be checking it out for at least the next few months, because I want to see if it actually does grow with real activity. Now, one thing I does is checks to see who’s retweeting posts or comments on Twitter, so if y’all like anything I’m saying or doing please retweet when you can.

Man, growing influence really is hard, isn’t it?

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8 thoughts on “Klout Revisited”

  1. Mitch
    You have more influence than some measuring scheme called Klout! I look forward to your daily posts and from the amount of regular commenters on your site; so do others. I so don’t bother with any of these measuring gizmos (has to be some advantage to being a technophobe eh lol) and just be myself, write my posts and visit other blogs and hopefully add to the community I am actively a part of. Keep being you Mitch and yes I’ll be RT this 🙂
    Patricia Perth

    1. Thanks Pat. I’ll always keep being me, only because I can’t think of anyone else I’d want to be besides Regis Philben, and he’s still enjoying his life too much. lol

  2. I guess the website is completely useless! Online influence is not just twitter followers and RSS subscribers. Everybody can get max number of followers and subscribers, but this doesn’t mean anything. Your blog is superb and people love reading it!

  3. Oh, my, I’d probably get a negative number! Not sure my ego could handle that. LOL I do wonder if the number means anything if it is just counting up replies and Twitter mentions.

  4. Numbers mean nothing- you can have hundreds or even thousands of google friend’s, Twitter and facebook followers, etc… but it’s the one’s who consistently show up that matter.

    1. That’s true, Carolee, but one of the factors is tracks is how many people are retweeting your content. That’s one I really want to move up the list on.

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