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My Keys To Leadership CDs is something I’ve written about before on this blog, so you can check that post out if you’d like. Of course, the back story is so much more fun. But I told that story on the other post; what more is there?

The day I did the first seminar, which led to the first CD, I was at a crossroads in the early part of my career. I wasn’t a happy guy. I was doing some sporadic subcontracting work with this other company that was leaving me very frustrated. The money was good, but the working relationship was not.

I’m all about communications. When I was a director, I made sure to keep the lines of communications open with those who worked for and with me. If something needed explaining, I made sure to do it right, especially if I needed it done a specific way. The owner of the company I was doing the work for wasn’t quite that type. She expected people to just know how she wanted things. That might have been fine for the people who worked for her where she lived, which was in the Baltimore, MD area, but I didn’t see her on a daily basis. I knew my work, but not how she wanted it presented all the time. Sometimes I’d give it to her and it’d be what she wanted, while other times I’d present it to her and she’d say that’s not what she wanted, without an explanation.

Still, it was bringing in money that I needed. But I wasn’t happy, and I knew I was going to have to make a decision at some point. That’s another reason I had set the seminars up, and even though I’d definitely picked the wrong time to do them (you’ll have to go to that other link to learn why), I figured it might tell me something about myself no matter what happened.

I gave the presentation that Wednesday night and it felt really good. And the topics I discussed made me realize that it was time to end that association, to drop that client for my mental health. So when I came home I wrote her, since she never answered her phone, and said I was done. And you know what? She never responded, never acknowledged, never asked me why… as if I didn’t exist. She could have cared less; I meant nothing to her except a body that might have had a few skills, and based on how she was treating me, I’d started to question that as well.

For the next two months I was floundering; that loss of money was big, and my mind wasn’t in a great place. Then I got my mind in a better place, not only after revisiting my own words when I was creating the sound files, but that’s when I started getting into motivational things. Within two weeks of starting that process I had both a short term project then a very long term project, and I was on my way.

And that’s the rest of the story. Anyway, this is am immediate download product; you can buy either one or both presentations, and on the site there’s also a sample clip, for those of you who’ve never heard any of the interviews I’ve done, so you can hear my voice as well. Here’s the product link to Keys To Leadership, which is also there to the left underneath my book.

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6 thoughts on “Keys To Leadership”

  1. Hi Mitch

    Great that you are sharing your story and showing us your many talents. Hope the posts bring in some sales as they look like quality products. Go Mitch 🙂

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Thanks Pat. Truthfully, I’m not expecting a single sale from any of this stuff. but I still get to expose it for once.

  2. Hi there Mitch, It is glad to see that you do some motivational stuffs too. I too have recently gone through a phase where I did need a lot of motivation and have recently come out of it. I will certainly check out this CD and recommend it to my other friends

    1. Thanks Shiva. I’m a guy hard to pinpoint much of the time, but I put things out to try to help where I can.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Day Mitch,

    I must say that I don’t understand those people (executive or not) that don’t give or want feedback from those they works with, isn’t that a way to improve?

    I hope the exposure you gave to this products will bring you some sales.
    By the way, I think that lady, from your post, should definitely order the whole package 😀

    1. Thanks Alex. It’s always easier to hide from bad things than to have to address them in some fashion, even if things could improve. sometimes we just don’t want to hear bad news.

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